deck of the week : daily draw


This is a compilation of my #tarotforecast (daily draw) posts on instagram, for ease of viewing and posterity (should IG ever go tits-up). I use a different deck every week and make the spreads up as I go. Sometimes it’s a single-card draw, sometimes it’s more, and I always try to make it visually interesting and meaningful in some way. I’ve never been able to stick to a daily draw schedule, but this has made it much more enticing to me plus it’s a great way to actually use my decks (and get to know the new guys)!


WEEKs OF JUly 1-27 : Vertigo, World Goddess Oracle, Hello Kitty




Week of June 10 : universal wirth (trimmed)


Week of May 29 : infinity


Week of May 22 : hello kitty


Week of May 15 : dreaming way (trimmed)


Week of May 8 : mini hanson roberts


Week of April 30 : penny dreadful


Week of April 23 : sacred feminine


Week of April 16 : deviant moon (borderless)


Week of Apr 9 : wooden


Week of April 2 : japaridze


Week of March 26 : prisma visions


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