A small online library I have found useful over the years (please be aware this page is being updated – I apologise for any dead links!)

Tarot & Cartomancy:

Aeclectic Tarot – decks, books, reviews, learning & forum
Aeclectic Tarot Forum Library – archives
Learning the Tarot – online course
Astro America Deck Catalogue
Tarot Garden Catalogue
Tarot Passages – deck reviews
Wicce’s Deck Reviews
Illumination Tarot – Exploring the tarot for insight and enlightenment
The Hermitage – tarot history
Villa Revak – one of the oldies & goodies
The Pythagorean Tarot
Major Arcana Spreads
Sacred Texts Tarot
Liber 777
Tarotpedia – tarot wiki
All About Reading – @ Aeclectic forum
Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden
Tarot FAQ v4 – collected texts
The Crystal Gate – no longer updated
Tarot Teachings
Tarot Exercises
Mel’s Old-Fashioned Pips & Courts
Hedgewytch Cartomancy – archived
The Fool’s Journey
The Tarot: A Christian Perspective
Students of Tarot
Llewellyn Tarot Blog
Lowbrow Tarot – 22 cards + back by 23 modern artists
Tarot of the King of Cups in Tatters – tarot humour :)
Tarot Tribe
Guide to the Thoth – all the cards explained
Raven’s Tarot Site
Tryskelion Thoth Guide (click “Arts” on left menu, then “Tarot” on right menu)
Tarot Spells
Tarot Jigsaw Puzzles
P.D. Oespensky’s Tarot Symbolism
The Card Cache – with visual representations of Mel’s Old Fashioned System
Astrologica – Tarot Lesson – includes elemental dignities
Lenormand Reading Interpretations
Dreampower Tarot Online
Reflections – ATA monthly newsletter
Jung & Tarot Symbolism
Proyecto Tarot Colectivo – independent artists interpret the tarot
Tarotgirl’s Weblog – updated infrequently, but with very interesting card insights
Facade Online Readings – the original!
Tarot for Life – excerpts @ Google Books
Kings, Knights & Princes – Thoth vs RWS vs GD Correspondences
Defining Suits for Morgan’s Tarot
Pathways Articles – by Geraldine Amaral
Anima Tarot
Oldest Cartomancy Meanings
taarot – personal observations on the cards
Teaching Tarot – resources for tarot students
Animal Spirits Oracle – free online reading
Tarot Stripped Bare
The Comic Book of Thoth
Major Arcana Restored, Astrology & Kabbalah
Tarot Table Talk
Tarot Quest
Cat ‘n Owl
Discordian Tarot – free download!
Exploring the Alphabetic Tarot
andybc – Lenormand card reader, Andy/Cernrón Cerru
Language of Lenormand
This Game of Thrones – dedicated to the Courts
Rowan Tarot
My Tarot Spreads – from Annikin Divination
Learn Lenormand

Enneagram & Numerology:

9 Types Enneagram
Ennegram – @ Lessons 4 Living
Numerology – articles by Janet Boyer
Enneagram Wings
The Enneagram Institute
Tarot Numerology
Tarot, Enneagram & MBTI Correlations
The Occult Power & Mystic Virtues of Numbers
The Secret Science of Numerology – free downloadable e-book
Sacred Geometry

Alchemy, Hermeticism & Mysticism:

Alchemy Articles
The Gnosis Archive
The Alchemy Website
Hermeticism – @ The Galilean Library
The Hermetic Library
Dark Mirrors of Heaven
The Alpha & The Omega
David Bowie & the Occult
Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
techgnosis Articles
Jordan Stratford – Gnosticism
The Splendor Solis by Salomon Trismosin (beautifully reworked in 1989 by Laurie Lipton)

Astrology & Other Personality Systems:

Aquarius Papers – Global Astrology
Cafe Astrology – articles
AstroDienst – articles
Astrology & Tarot
AstroDienst – partial birth chart analysis & complete astrological data
Mayan Calendar
Mayan Date Decoder
Chirotic Journal – Jeremy is a professional astrologer who does fantastic chart interpretations
Personality Typing & Preferences
Type Logic
PTypes Personality Types
Lifexplore – collection of typing descriptions
Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Aquarius Papers – Global Astrology
ARAS – The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism
Personality & Consciousness
The Celtic Zodiac
Venus Group – free astrological & other chart readings
Considerations Magazine – online archive with index
Astrologica – free charts & info
Formless Mountain
The Eightfold Model of Human Intelligence
Evolutionary Astrology with Tom Jacobs
Anyaa-Astrology Articles
North Node Astrology
Personality Page – 16 types
Bob Marks Astrology Lessons
Auntie Moon
Bad Astronomy
Bob Makransky’s Astrology Corner
Harrastrology Horriblescope
Spider Lady Astrology

Religion/Mythology, Spirituality & Philosophy:

Amused Grace – home of the Goddess Oracle by Thalia Took
Sacred Texts
Green Tara – Tibetan Boddhisatva
Names of Netjer – @ Kemetic Orthodoxy
Akhet Hwt-Hrw – Ancient Egyptian Religion & Esoteric studies
Encyclopedia Mythica
The 7 Chakras – articles by Janet Boyer
God Checker
Labyrinths – @ Lessons 4 Living
Celtic Deities
Goddess A Day
Norse Mythology
Myths & Legends – an exhaustive list of links
Truth as a Goddess – @ Garden of the Witch
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
MYTHHOME: Mythology Site
Polytheism – @ Lover of Strife
Persephone – @ Panthea
The Mystica
Theoi Greek Mythology
The Pomegranate
Religion & Spirituality – @
Labyrinthos – archived
AODA – Ancient Order of Druids in America
Eclectic Pagans
Women in Greek Myths
Gorgon Resurfaces – personal blog
Esoteric Christianity
Ancient Egyptian Wisdom – collected works from 1901-1906
Shared Tansformation – Kundalini work
The Soul’s Journey – Om Kali Ma
Mother Kali
Archangels & Angels – angelic correspondences
Spirit Guides
Nag Hammadi
An Inner Journey: The Moon, Mythology, and You
Liber Call Me Al – the lighter side of the Book of the Law
Freestyle Witchcraft
Hrana Janto’s Goddess Gallery
Classic vs. Core Shamanism
Myth*ing Links
What is a Shaman? – a Philosophical Approach
Spirit Walk Ministry – links & links & LINKS!
WildSpeak – the website of artist Ravenari
OBOD – Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids
Christian Reincarnation
Mythical Ireland
Helena Nelson Reed – mythical, healing & visionary art
Library of Religion and Spirituality
Guide to the Transpersonal Internet
The Path of a Christian Witch
Stuart Littlejohn – mythology illustrator (POWERFUL stuff)
Mystic Wicks – pagan forum
PANTHEON: Archetypal God Forms in Daily Life – Iona Miller
Queen of the Night – exploring mythic archetypes


Symbol Dictionary
Symbolic Meanings
Gothic Gardening – Something Wicked This Way Grows…
Atlas Obscura – A Compendium of the World’s Wonders, Curiosities and Esoterica
Neo Pagan Ink
Tattoo Symbolism
Medieval Geomancy
Erowid – Entheogens & Psychoactives
Liber Gaias – A Handbook of Geomancy
Internet Archive – Lost treasures, found
Discordian Colouring Book – Colouring outside the lines
Free Hindu/Buddhist/Chakra Wallpaper
The Serene Dragon
CyArk – Digitally Preserving & Sharing the World’s Cultural Heritage
Vigilant Citizen – I seriously don’t know if this is a brilliant work of satire or just a WHOLE lot of crazy, but fun reading nevertheless (don’t forget: they’re watching you)
Danse Macabre – galleries of images
Learn I-Ching
Fellowship of Modern Essenes
Smithsonian Libraries
Integral Options Cafe – mind hackery-type stuff
Healing, Belief & Meditation Articles
Martin La Spina – visionary artist
Thanka Gallery
Alchemy Works – wicked gardening resource
Adam Scott Miller – visionary artist
Women In the Bible – art blog
Oswald the Runemaker


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  1. Mrs. Gray Divine says:

    Greetings ~ This list is GREAT and your blog is refreshing. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I am happy to do the same. ~ Peace


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