2 – Clover

French Cartomancy – Lo Scarabeo, 2005; Piatnik Lenormand; Mystical Lenormand – AGM Müller, 2006

Card : 6 of Diamonds
Verse : “The clover leaf and flower announce happiness. Dark clouds part their shadows!”
Mnemonic : square root of 4 (leaves) is 2
Decan : 11-20 degrees Aries
+/-/| : positive
Temp : warm
Suit Symbolism : reward
Meaning : The “little luck” card; usually very positive. Hope, quiet happiness, things going smoothly good luck and wealth if away from clouds; if close to clouds, brings annoyance. Clover shows situations which can change quickly – surrounding cards will indicate whether for positive or negative; short-term luck. It foretells rapid advancements which can be positive. Points to aspirations; examine surrounding cards to hone in on desires. In cases where there is a romantic dilemma, there can be a quick break-up instead of the slow process of the MOUSE card, which “eats away” at the relationship.
Daily : The Clover is your joker – today is your lucky day and you should try and play games; you are ready to win something today. Things run smoothly and you have a good time.
Love : Flirting, falling in love, developing a crush. Clover might point out that you will experience a second spring with your partner or a surprising end to prolonged loneliness within a few days.
Work : A sudden, unexpected event/opportunity will come up; you don’t have to work for it – others mediate on your behalf. Perhaps a promotion, gratification or a lucrative offer. Light, enjoyable work.
Health : A fortunate end to illness, bringing relief. As a precaution you should have a diet with plenty of iron.
Character : Happy-go-lucky, generous; good sense of humour or “joker”.
Time : 3-4 days
Number : 4
2-card Combo :
+ ship: good trip, something from far away brings luck.
+ house: happy home, good family, luck in and with family.
+ tree: longlasting luck, very healthy, youthful looks
+ clouds: the surrounding cards indicate which direction things will take. In any case, the effect of either one is weakened.
+ snake: good person, even though appears to be the contrary, good to have this person on your side.
+ coffin: happy end, good riddance, illness over
+ flowers: jackpot, much love from others, lots of socializing, good friends, a new female friend
+ scythe: flash in the pan, as soon as you got it, it was gone, also sudden luck, not counting on it, and out of the blue, it popped into your life.
+ whip: arguments, but with happy endings, – also verbal eloquence, snappy answers, wit, sharp humour.
+ birds: easy come, easy go, shallow, fleeting happiness, speckled with worries
+ child: joy of having a child, of starting something new, of starting over. playful, fun and games.
+ fox: a time to be sly, it’s ok, seize an opportunity, be opportunistic.
+ bear: strong, healthy, immune, enjoying the support you’re getting
+ stars: fulfilled dreams, being blessed and knowing it
+ stork: doubles the luck of clover
+ dog: longlasting friendships(even though the clover is short-lived), very good friends
+ tower: being alone and loving it. retreating brings the solution. happiness at work,
+ garden: limelight, blooming in front of others, stage, performing, great parties.
+ mountain: obstacles overcome, obstacles won’t last very long, obstacles that can be overcome in a short time. Just do it, close your eyes, breathe deep and jump, it’s over before you blink.
+ path: good decisions, great choices, someone chose you for something.
+ mice: loss of luck, short-lived luck that amounted to nothing, worries.
+ heart: ah, it must be love. The quickie that stuck around. veni, vidi, vici. joy of being in love. short courtship.
+ ring: happy marriage, good work contract, good business deal.
+ book: being quiet is a good thing for now, keeping secrets is the better choice. or, you’ll soon find your answer, research will show results
+ letter: good news
+ lady and gent: good: is a lucky person, lucky angel for others, happy-go-lucky, witty the bad: player, gambler, speculates a lot, joker, makes fun of others, shallow, irresponsible, immature
+ lilies: short-lived love affair, luck through family
+ sun: amplifies clover; expect a significant change in fortune
+ moon: health issues over, uplifted emotions, good dreams, happy memories
+ key: luck is for sure
+ fish: money gain, winning streak, addiction controlled
+ anchor: good job prospects, promotion, recognition at work
+ cross: no luck at all, or, end of negativity, time to move on.


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