1 – Rider

French Cartomancy – Lo Scarabeo, 2005; Piatnik Lenormand; Mystical Lenormand – AGM Müller, 2006

Card : 9 of Hearts
Verse : “The trotting rider brings good news, but does it come from afar or near?”
Mnemonic : Number 1 – upright like a rider – rider announces the start of the deck
Decan : 1-10 degrees Aries
+/-/| : positive
Temp : warm
Suit Symbolism : inspiration
Meaning : The movement of news; news on its way, usually arriving within a short time; important update. News delivered by hand or in person. If this card is away from the significator/charged/personal card, you will receive news or messages from a foreign country or from far away; close to the personal card, then you can find news or messages closer at hand. There is something in motion – basically something good. It is a good time for business; nothing permanent, but this deal is lucrative eg. rising stock prices jumped in the short term. Fast action is advisable. Agility, means of transport, a journey begun.
Daily : Acting at the right moment can be the basis for something permanent. You have charisma, others like you; you are a good entertainer and you will have a marvelous time. It will be a busy and sociable day.
Love : A little affair is coming around. You will encounter a person that will turn your head.
Work : New opportunities/offers coming up. Your effort will be crowned with success. If you apply for a job you can expect a positive answer.
Health : Healing, renewed will to recover, hope, high spirits. Connection with movement symbolizes a warning. Take care of your joints, ligaments, and sinews; take a break. Too much activity could end up in an injury.
Character : Usually male; active & athletic; intelligent(“quick thinking”), good-looking, well-dressed; peer
Time : very soon; within a day unless slowed down by surrounding cards
Number : n/a
2-card Combo :
+ clover: good news; if you placed a bet, you won.
+ ship: news from/about far away
+ house: news about a house, invitation
+ tree: news taking a long time to reach you, being the last to hear it; news about long standing issues.
+ clouds: bad issues/news coming or going
+ snake: news about/from a woman
+ coffin: the situation coming to an end, for good or for bad.
+ flowers: invitation, guests, visits
+ scythe: unexpected news, surprising news
+ whip: positive news, that can end an argument well
+ birds: exciting news, for good or bad; worrisome news
+ child: news about children, new beginnings
+ fox: misunderstood news, wrong news passed on
+ bear: supportive news; if negative, draining news
+ stars: news that bring hope, or that clarifies something
+ stork: information that changes things
+ dog: longstanding info, active friends, meddling, but loyal friends
+ tower: info which can lead to separation or isolation
+ garden: invitation to a larger social gathering
+ mountain: news brings more frustration, roadblocks
+ path: info that brings about a decision or choices to be made
+ mice: information lost, missed, destroyed eg. hard-drive crash
+ ring: proposal, binding news
+ book: secrets revealed, revelation
+ letter: very good news coming soon
+ gent or lady: younger, sporty, active, extroverted, good times, receiving good news
+ lily: the wish for or the meeting of someone specific, or the beginning of such a relationship eg. tutor
+ sun: good news
+ moon: depression lifting, emotional news
+ key: news that brings security, news coming for sure
+ fish: bills, money transfer, news about money
+ anchor: promotion, good news about work issues
+ cross: news that is finalizing, definite


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