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While I jumped into tarot and started reading more-or-less intuitively from the get-go, the Lenormand system is one that should be studied and practised. The artwork is generally simple and standardised, with less room for personal interpretation than the tarot. I find this challenging and therefore, exhilirating! I never use the tarot as a predictive tool; it is too loaded for that. The Lenormand though is perfect for direct answers. Another challenge!

Rather than waste my time beginning to make notes on paper (which will only be abandoned as soon as I make a mistake that can’t be erased), I’ll skip right to the electronic part, even though that means I have to sacrifice the use of colour and ~*GlItTeR*~ etc. My aim is to try learning & reading the cards as if I were living in the late 18th-early 19th centuries, with appropriate symbolic attachments and world views, avoiding my natural tendency to layer my personal symbolism and modern ideas on top. I think this is key to my making a definite distinguishment between tarot and Lenormand.

ETA: Resurrecting these pages for coffeeandtarot’s #hello lenny “learn-a-long” series!


The Cards:

(Personal notes & information gleaned from all over)

[3] SHIP
[5] TREE
[11] WHIP
[12] BIRDS
[13] CHILD
[14] FOX
[15] BEAR
[16] STARS
[17] STORK
[18] DOG
[19] TOWER
[23] MOUSE
[24] HEART
[25] RING
[26] BOOK
[29] LADY
[30] LILY
[31] SUN
[32] MOON
[33] KEY
[34] FISH
[36] CROSS


Reading, Spreads etc:

Choosing a Deck by Caitlin Matthews
Aeclectc Lenormand Sub
Caitlin Matthews’ Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook on Google Books


Lenormand-centric Blogs (some inactive):

Andy Boroveshengra’s Blog
Mary K Greer’s Lenny posts
The Lenormand Oracle
Fennario’s Cartomancy posts
My Lenormand Oracle Experience
Phoenixoracle’s Lenormand Blog
Golden Mousedeer
Donnaleigh’s Lenormand posts
The Card Lover
Tarotflexions’ Lenormand posts
The Four Aces Viking Lenormand
Lilith’s Lenormand(in German)
Helen’s Lenormand Dictionary



Malpertuis Lenormands
Burning Serpent Oracle
Petit Lenormand ASS
Astrological Lenormand
Carta Mundi
Blue Owl
Red Owl

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