The Best. Deck. Evah. is my fantasy deck. It contains the cards that speak to me; that say “I am the One.” Some of these just flow naturally: you look at the card and it’s obvious why it works. Others are like a psychic punch to the face; their effect is dramatic and gut-wrenching and on some level, unexplainable. I’ve tried to include as many of the latter as possible. They’re more than just pretty pictures, they’re Divine Symbols. The Minors are the most difficult to choose: Rider-Waite? Moody? Pips? They can have such varying meanings!

I update these selections whenever I find a better “fit” for a particular card. My goal is to never repeat a deck; each card should have a different source. Some will place-holders, images that might not be officially tarot, but that I feel best represent that card. That said, sometimes the “proper” and “correct” symbols ad symbolism might be missing from the images I choose – this is all in aims to deepen my personal understanding of the tarot and how I relate to it.



















11 thoughts on “BEST. DECK. EVER.

  1. erishilton says:

    You have excellent taste, Madam!

    The Empress from the Sephiroth and the Jolanda Star (sounds like a stripper! Huzzah!) are two of my All Time Favorite Cards.

    I might just have to steal this Tarot Meme of Awesome. Except… honestly… it would be a Thoth-Sephiroth-LiberT-Jolanda Champagne Room Partay.


    • submerina says:

      “sounds like a stripper! ” AHAHAHAHAAAA!! It totally does :D And she is so lovely, I just want to squeeee!

      Please do steal, I heartily encourage it. Good luck with the minors though, that’s where I’m struggling. Do I go RWS?… Pips are kinds blah unless you’re reading… but I don’t want “fixed meanings”… You get the picture.


  2. iceclone says:

    This is an awesome idea! Sometimes, one beautiful card can influence me to buy a deck! I your deck choices too. I still can’t believe they cancelled the “Buffy” tarot. I would’ve bought that deck since I’m a fan of that show.

    I hope to see more! I’m liking the “Pomegrate” and “Jolanda” too! And I agree, “Jolanda Star” sounds likes a stripper.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I love these!
    When do you plan on adding more?
    The Pen Tarot card really caught my eye…it’s a shame I can’t get a deck…
    I’m excited to see what you come up with next?!?


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