#SCPOP Day 5: Vegas Movies | Questionable Problem Solving with “Very Bad Things”

#SCPOP Day 5

#SCPOP Day 5

“Very Bad Things” might seem like an unimaginative title for a movie, but there is no better way to describe the events that unfold in this wonderfully dark, twisted late-90s black comedy. It’s not easy to get hold of and – afaik – is relatively unknown ? , but if you enjoy watching the rapid, spiraling descent of the human condition with this (´⊙ω⊙`) expression on your face, definitely check it out. (I mean, it stars Christian Slater doing his very best Christian Slater so you win regardless.)

This is a spread for looking at your life, your poor choices, and laughing despite it all.


[Tina] The Problem – You fucked up. You really fucked up.

[Michael] Cause of The Problem –  “I fucked up.”

If we’re sticking to the story, then this is impulsiveness of some sort; an immature, rash decision/s based on pleasure-seeking, instant-reward type behaviour.



[Boyd] The Problem Solver –  “If you take away the horror of the scene… do you know what you’re left with? A 105-pound problem that needs to be moved from point A to point B.” 

Ego-driven self-preservation (completely lacking in conscience) that will resort to anything and everything to stop you from being caught/held responsible for your actions.

[Adam] Guilty Conscience – “Goddamn it, they’re onto us!”

The Superego’s conscience maxed-out to the point where it makes you mad with paranoia from the desire to confess confess confess!!

[Kyle] Moral Conscience –  “I just want to get married.” 

The Superego’s Ideal Self; that part of you that truly wants to be good, but is stuck between doing the right thing and wanting to keep everybody happy.

[Charles] Fear –  [Boyd:] “Follow my orders!”

The Id as the undeveloped, frightened inner child who is too overwhelmed to make decisions for itself, and so will go along with whoever expresses their will most forcefully.



[Laura] The Outcome – “This is my day!”

The ultimate result of letting your Ego crush your Moral Self; of allowing self-interest to manipulate your decision-making.




Marks will be awarded for participation

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