#SCPOP Day 3: RAINBOWS!! | Being Your Rowdy Self with Lady Rainicorn

#SCPOP Day 3

#SCPOP Day 3

I basically have two modes of operation: bleak as the moors in the dead of winter, and whimsical af, and “Adventure Time” caters perfectly to my pink-ALL-THE-THINGS, glitter-loving, inner 4-year-old. It’s silly without being stupid; oddball without being disturbing; and creative without being obnoxious. There are strong female characters of every flavour and between all the adventuring in a possibly post-apocalyptic world, it deals with real emotions, relationships and sensitive topics.

It’s just really good, okay?

[1] How You Bring Magic to the World…

[2] And Inspire With your Imagination…

[3] By Being Completely Yourself (no apologies)

[4] Connecting With Your True People/Tribe by…

[5] Utilising Your Creative Adaptability (adaptable creativity?) to…

[6] Getting Your Message Out There (in an understandable fashion)


basically, Lemongrab is me.





Marks will be awarded for participation

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