#SCPOP Day 2: Children’s Book | Following Your Bliss with Cranmer the Crocodile

#SCPOP Day 2

#SCPOP Day 2

One of my top 5 favourite children’s books is “Cranmer the Crocodile” by Roy Machon (Starfish, 1976). I’ve read it dozens of times throughout my life and can remember specific moments when it has comforted me (usually curled up in a sunny spot, on my stripey towel). This book is so important to me that I emigrated with it! Like most children’s books, it has a ~message~, but the delivery is sweet and gentle, rather than preachy.

Cranmer has different likes and interests to the other crocodiles, who tease and then shun him for his oddball nature. Cranmer wants nothing more than to fly, and tries all sorts of things to achieve this (and falls FLAT ON HIS FACE every time). After many failures, he sits dejectedly on his favourite rock, wrapped in his signature stripey towel, when a strong wind comes up.

The wind catches the towel and pulls Cranmer into the air. He is frightened at first, but then realises that he is flying! When the wind lets up, he drifts gently back down to his favourite rock. The other crocodiles still make fun of him, but Cranmer knows the truth and waits patiently – and contentedly – for another windy day.

[1] What Makes You Different – you odd little crocodile

[2] Your (IMPOSSIBLE??) Dream – “You can’t do that. You can’t be that. Why can’t you be normal?”

[3] Past Failures – trying to be something you are not, leads to misery

[4] Grab Your Stripey Towel – wear your uniqueness proudly; evolve naturally

[5] Here Comes the Wind… – success (and happiness) comes when you don’t force the issue and are true to yourself

[6] Now FLY! – (and take a big ol’ shit on everyone’s heads while you’re up there)




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