#SCPOP Day 1: Comedian | Better Living with Doug Stanhope

#SCPOP Day 1

#SCPOP Day 1: Comedian | Doug Stanhope

[1] Tell Big Lies – Get creative with your personal narrative to keep it exciting (for you, and everybody else). Cover up with an even bigger lie when you get caught.

[2] Your Audience – Be an agent of change in this shitty world by giving of yourself where it will make the biggest impact (even if that big impact is small) because…

[3] Steal People’s Things – … sometimes you just gotta be petty to get through the day (keep this impact small too)

[4] Realise It Doesn’t Matter – Stop wasting your fucks where they don’t apply to #2 above because…

[5] Be Ballsy – … YOLO ffs

[6] Top Tip – life @ you: you’re welcome

Source for this spread

Source for this spread

What’s #SCPOP all about?



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