Pop Culture Spreadcraft Challenge: Summary

The Pop Culture Spreadcraft Challenge was run in April this year, by tumblr user blacklilydivination, who has since gone private. I wasn’t doing very well, and was feeling the tarot burnout bad, but I did manage to complete a few days (and then only because I used polyvore to create them). There are several more still languishing in draft form, but I ran out of *throwing my hands up in the air* everything. My spreads were posted on IG and tumblr and… I don’t honestly know why I didn’t post them here. The burnout was just that. bad. I guess; I couldn’t take the pressure of trying to be -serious- about it.

I’m lumping them all together below if you prefer a quick look at the lot, with the list of prompts if you need inspiration for created your own pop culture spread. Each day will also get its own in-depth post with a full explanation of the positions and inspiration behind the spread.

Day 1  |  Day 2  |  Day 3  |  Day 4  |  Day 5  |  Day 9

#SCPOP Prompts

  1. Comedian
  2. Childhood Book
  3. Rainbow
  4. One Hit Wonder
  5. Vegas
  6. Military Movie (I was working on Top Secret/Hot Shots/War Games)
  7. 1950s TV Show
  8. Talking Animal
  9. Political Leader
  10. Twins
  11. Cheesy Movie
  12. Party Movie
  13. Board Games
  14. Outer Space
  15. Bisexual Character
  16. Animals That Don’t Talk
  17. Deaf or HoH Character
  18. A Reporter
  19. Vampires
  20. Yellow Character
  21. A Child
  22. Fictional Food (Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster spread in the works)
  23. Based on a play
  24. Famous Photo
  25. Fictional Illness
  26. Famous Horse
  27. Blind Character
  28. Office (Office Space obviously!)
  29. A Dance
  30. Female Scientist


Marks will be awarded for participation

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