Rahdue’s Wheel Worksheet

Every year around this time I tackle Rahdue’s Wheel, and every year I have to go scratching through my notes to remember the layot and positions, and every year I scribble down another mess of a reading, only to find myself repeating the process all over again.

In case you aren’t familiar with RW, it’s a beast of a reading that uses all 78 cards in the deck. Now that alone is enough for me to be all over a spread, because I looove a challenge. I love a spread that pushes my skills and intuition to the limit; I love the feeling of my brain gently leaking out of my ears as I try to focus on keeping all the pieces of a spread in order and make sense of it. LOVE it. But the prep work for this spread is a pain in the ass, so this year I got smart. I made a template.

But even the goddamn template was a pain in the ass to draw up, so I got smarter. I made it digital.

And in case you, too, find yourself overcome by the sudden masochistic urge to break your brain on The Wheel, I’ve made the template available as a PDF which you can download here! It’s not elegant – it’s a lot of information to cram into a relatively small space – and the numbered positions are only meant to be large enough to record the card names, not full interpretations (though there is just enough room to scribble a few first impression notes), but this allows the whole spread to be summarised on one page.

Now have fun stretching those tarot muscles!


Rahdue's Wheel Worksheet preview

Rahdue’s Wheel Worksheet preview


Rahdue’s Wheel is from “Tarot: The Handbook for the Journeyman” by Eileen Connolly. I haven’t read this book, but first came across the spread at the Occult Corpus forum, and later the Psychic Visions blog, which is where I got the information to build this worksheet from.



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