Want want want want. /NEED/. Spread

The Depression had no time for your rampant consumerism

The Depression had no time for your rampant consumerism

Back in the “good ol’ days” when the internet was just a box filled with thumb-tacks and assorted bits of string, finding a new tarot deck to pine over was a momentous occasion; something to be savoured and right-click-saved in 56dpi 150x200px format so that you could look at it again and again, lovingly memorising whichever cards you were lucky enough to find (*COUGH*MARY EL*COUGH*) You knew your chances of ever actually owning it were laughable, which somehow made living with the desire much more bearable.

But now? Now everything is accessible and available and so, when you find yourself in a position where you can’t just right-click-add-to-cart-see-you-in-3-days, it huuuuuuuuurts. It’s almost a mental struggle to understand no… can… has… thing? whY? why no can has?? Soft, overly-privileged, pathetic 21st-century creature – your ancestors are sucking on dehydrated cow asshole and clucking their tongues in your general direction!

There are so many beautiful, imaginative, uniquely creative decks either available or in pre-order or funding status right now and our dollar has never been worth less (in my history). Even funding a “local” deck = $50 minimum! What hurts even more than not bringing the deck home to my loving embrace, is not being able to support the artists who have put these glorious works out there (and who are probably in equally dire financial straits).

But until I learn how to make stone soup, there’s another bit of Depression-era wisdom that is helpful for putting things into perspective when I find myself experiencing an attack of the whinges:


Want vs. Need Spread

want vs need

Of course this spread isn’t just for dealing with #decklust – it can be useful for any situation where you find yourself dissatisfied and restless and thinking more will fix it. The cards can even be drawn without an actual question/situation in mind; let the cards pull that information out of you as you read the spread. If you’d like to see a – shockingly literal and heavy on the sass – example of what I mean, just…


Happy Tarot by

Happy Tarot by Serena Ficca; Lo Scarabeo, 2015

[1] Use It Up
19 The Sun
Burn the day! Don’t let a single minute go to waste!

[2] Wear It Out
10 of Wands
Use even the very last rays of sunlight to accomplish your goals – make sure you’re worn out for a reason!

[3] Make It Do
4 of Cups
Stop crying about what you don’t have when you are surrounded by all that you do!

[4] Or Do Without
13 Death
Seriously, you won’t die if you don’t get every little thing your heart desires. Besides, it all turns into dust in the end anyway, so enjoy that sunshine before it’s too late!







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