Relationship Cross Spread

I came up with this spread about a week ago and, seeing as today is my 14th wedding anniverary (time flies etc. etc.), now’s as good a time as any to post it! Relationship questions are probably the #1 reason people ask for tarot readings and it makes the job soooo much easier if you have a few core spreads at your fingertips for when the “What does my crush think about me?” question invariably arises.

This spread is good for someone – or two someones – who wants to gain insight into an existing relationship, or a potential one. It can even be expanded to include further partners, because each row asks the same questions – simply lay extra cards for Person C, D and so on. If you are reading on a potential relationship, rephrase questions to include a “could be”, for example: “Who could Person A be in Relation to B?” (in a relationship). This doesn’t necessarily have to be a love reading either; these questions could just as easily be applied to a friendship or other partnership.

I’ve phrased the questions to be as minimally invasive as possible, as I personally don’t like reading for a 3rd party who isn’t present and may not have given consent to have their cards read (cards 6 & 6 veer into somewhat tricky territory, so use your discretion and judgement when interpreting these positions).


Relationship Cross Spread

relationship cross


And as for my own relationship…

Vinyl toys for our 14th anniversary because clearly being married is Very Serious Business

Vinyl toys for our 14th anniversary because, clearly, being married is Very Serious Business.

‘Nuff said ;D


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