Citrus and Sea Salt Cleansing

Seeing as I’m on forced Instagram hiatus until I can upgrade my phone (so much app haethaethaet) I guess my schedule magically opened up and I can actually *GASP* make a blog post or two (before I find my next distraction)!

Thought I’d share my “recipe” for a cleansing ritual bath that takes care of most muck you might have hanging about, and it’s a mood booster at no extra cost! There are only 3 main ingredients that can be easily obtained, if you don’t already have them in your home.


What You Need:

  • Assorted citrus cut in halves – I like lemon, orange and grapefruit, but lime is welcome to join the party (tequila is not). Make sure prior to undertaking this ritual that your skin does not react to citrus!
  • Sea salt – nice coarse stuff, for scrubbing the impurities away
  • Rose oil
  • If you feel you need an extra bit of aura-cleansing oomph, then grab a few sticks of incense as well. Good old sandalwood, frankincense and myrhh are perfect. If you are sensitive or allergic to incense, this step is optional!
  • Clean, soft white towel and clean, soft white facecloth
  • Preferably something white to dress in afterwards.

How you do (including incense steps):

  • Strip down (you filthy miasmatic creature)
  • Wave lit incense around your meat suit and in the bathroom you’ll be cleansing in
  • Climb into the tub with your pre-cut citrus halves (make sure you have the drain catcher thingie on) and start juicing! Start with the smallest fruit, rubbing it all over the skin from the head down (be careful with the face, especially near the eyes), all the while imagining the fruit absorbing the gunk from you, while the citric acids literally strip away dead skin cells. Inhale the healing, uplifting scent of citrus deeply, feeling refreshed on the inside too. When you’re done with the first half, throw it forcefully into the far end of the tub, throwing the dirt away from you.
  • Repeat these steps with the remaining fruit, working up in size – lemon, orange, grapefruit. I like to use pink grapefruit because it’s a sweeter, juicier fruit and the pink colour is symbolic of love. When you’re buffing & polishing your skin with all that vitamin C, think of the colour symbolism too as you do it: green for growth, yellow for sunshine, orange for vitality and pink for love.
  • Really concentrate on the smells, the colours, and the symbolism of the fruit and discarding it
  • When you’re done, gather the fruit up in a trash bag and set it aside or chuck it as far away from the tub as you can. Rinse off, but do not dry off. Step out of the tub and give yourself the once over with the incense again.
  • Run a warm bath with a lot of sea salt added, as well as a few drops of rose oil. While the bath is running, make a few passes over the surface with the incense, adding blessings of intent if you wish. Alternate between smoke cleansing the water and yourself.
  • Set the incense aside and set the intention of being purified/cleansed/healed/freed whatever the case may be before stepping into the water.
  • Things done in 3’s have a certain impact, so while standing in the water, bend over and lift water to splash into your face and over your head. Do this 3 times while offering prayers or whatever fits your practice. Then kneel in the water and splash water over your head and back, again 3 times, offering thanks etc. Finally, lie down in the water and submerge your head 3 times, coming up for air with a little drama each time.
  • Take a few minutes to soak in the lightly-scented water, including your hair (salt water makes my hair SO SOFT and it holds a hint of rose afterwards). Think about all the gunk you have attached to you dissolving and being neutralised by the power of salt, while the rose rushes in to fill those spaces with peace and love and strength.
  • When you feel you are ready, wash you hair and body with the salt water – no shampoo or soap! Drain the tub immediately after and climb out.
  • Air dry while you anoint yourself with incense again and the gentle buff you skin with a fresh white towel to get your circulation going.
  • Wrap yourself in a warm, white robe or something equally clean and comfortable, then climb into a freshly-made bed with some tea and whatever else will keep your spirits lifted – a good book, a good pet or a good nap!




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