Spoopy! Creppy! Hell-O-Ween Challenge *dOoOoOo*

Halloween Tarot by RAH (Rodney Howington) - click to visit etsy shop!

Halloween Tarot by RAH (Rodney Howington) – click to visit etsy shop!

Soooo my original concept for the Hell-O-Ween Challenge was to base each day’s draw around a phobia, relating that phobia back to an area of your life that causes you fear, or some other form of distress. As I was typing it up though, I started to realise that it was a terrible horrible bad bad bad idea: it’s all well and good for someone who doesn’t suffer from these phobias, but what about people that do? I have friends who can’t even think about the object of their fear without experiencing severe discomfort, and here I’m going to purposefully expose people to potential upset??


I’ve based it instead around common Halloween symbols and traditions, allowing it to be light-hearted in places and Deep & Meaningful™ in others. I’ve also designed a 3-card mini-spread specifically for each day, rather than having it be just a single card draw.

DISCLAIMER: This is meant to be fun! Do as many days as you feel like. Skip days that don’t grab your attention. Skip days that make you uncomfortable. Don’t feel you have to share your results! There’s no pressure to finish and the challenge doesn’t ~magically expire~ after October ;) If a 3-card spread every day is too much, just draw a single card that makes sense to you. Hell, design your own spreads (and share them please!) I am NOT one of those people who hand out juice boxes and raisins – CANDY FOR EVERYONE!!!


[1] THE ANCESTORS:  bone |  blood | flesh
the legacy of past actions that made your life possible | the legacy you’ve inherited through DNA | the legacy of love passed down to you

[2] BLACK CATS:  bad luck | path | good luck   (place cards in a “V”, like a fork in the road)
the choice not recommended | the path you wish to pursue | the best way to get there

[3] HEADLESS HORSEMAN:  death on the battlefield | lost: one head (presumed decimated) | the town bridge
what has you knickers all in a knot | what you’re searching for | what stands in your way

[4] THE WITCHES THREE:  The Craft | Practical Magic | Hocus Pocus
the area of your personal power that is still growing | where your personal power is well developed | what your personal power has the potential to become, with practice

[5] MUMMY’S SHROUD:  preserving | constricting | unravelling
how the beliefs you hold nurture you | how they restrict your growth | where they are coming undone/changing

[6] GUISING:  “and what are you supposed to be?” | mask | costume
who you are pretending to be | how you hide your feelings | how you hide your identity

[7] MAGIC:  spell | magician | midnight
the spell you are under, even if you don’t know it | the fucker who cast it | the way to break it

[8] SPIDERS:  8 legs creeping | 8 eyes watching | WHERE DID IT GO?!
draw 8 cards | stare at them until it feels like they’re staring back at you | get creeped out and put them back in the box  (take a break ’til tomorrow and try not to obsessively look behind you)

[9] GHOSTS:  haints | poltergeists | lemurs    extra card: THE PRIEST
regrets that need to be laid to rest | painful memories that need to be banished | unfinished business that need to be resolved | how to exorcise the lot of them

[10] ORANGE & BLACK:  the leaves turn | bring in the harvest | winter is near
what is changing in your life | what is ready to be set aside for now | what is ending

[11] THE HAUNTED HOUSE:  basement | closet | attic   (place cards vertically, “attic” at the top)
your deepest, darkest secret, waiting to drag you down the stairs | the secret that’s hidden… for now | the secret so gross you’ve locked it away where even you don’t have to see it

[12] BOBBING FOR APPLES:  the apple | the tub | *water up the nose*
the sweetness you’re aiming for | where to find it | what you’re willing to endure to achieve it

[13] SCARECROWS:  fields | stuffing | crows
the territory you’ve been given the responsibility of protecting | the ineffectual way you try to scare off intruders | who you are fighting a losing battle with

[14] DEMONS:  your inner demon | fight or flee? | and the winner is...
the inner struggle that’s bothering you most right now | the action you could take | the result if you choose this

[15] THE CAULDRON:  fire | brew | ladle   (place cards vertically, “fire” at the bottom)
the fire that heats your inner magic | what you are cooking up | how to keep it active and moving

[16] BOO!  3 surprises the future has in store for you
(gently) toss the deck in the air, read whichever 3 cards catch your eye OR be boring, draw 3 cards and ask yourself whether your boring-ass deserves a surprise at all GAHD

[17] JACK O’ LANTERN:  hell can’t take him | stuck here wandering | heaven won’t have him
the punishment you’ve craftily avoided | how you use what you’ve learned to guide others | the rewards you’ve been denied as a result of our actions

[18] BLOODY MARY:  hoe don’t do it | yo this is a bad idea yo | oh my god
the advice you consistently ignore | the hella stoopid thing you do | the inevitable consequences

[19] RAZOR BLADES:  so this one time, this thing happened. once. maybe? | and everybody freaked out about nothing? | and now we can’t have fun anymore?
what do you totally overreact to? | why do you make a big deal out of something so minor? | why do you hate fun?

[20] FLAMING BAG OF POO:   *ding dong* | *STOMP STOMP* | ewwwww
who’s knocking at your door | how you respond to them | sorry. can’t win ’em all!

[21] THE DEVIL:  the road to hell | is straight & wide | and paved with good intentions
the difficult situation you find yourself in | the easy way out |  the meaningful action you could take instead

[22] THE CEMETERY:  the mausoleum | the gravestone | the freshly-dug hole
a wound that’s dry & dusty | a wound that’s still oozy & tender | a wound that a wound that continues to sting and make you go *sssssss-aaaaaah*

[23] THE SKELETON:  dem bones | dem bones | dem dry bones
the core of who you are | your inner strength | your truth when everything else is stripped away

[24] SPIDERWEBS:  ugh it’s all over my face| *waves hands furiously* | oh god there’s more
threads of the past that cling to you | the way to break through the veil of obscurity | the future you fear because of past experiences

[25] BATS:  *flap flap* | (((sonar activated))) | FUCK IT’S IN MY HAIR!!
your shadow journey | how your inner vision guides you | how your inner vision fails you

[26] WEREWOLF:  the bite | *HOWL* | full moon
the event that created you inner monster | the savage beast you become | the catalyst that causes your transformation

[27] OUIJA BOARD:  yes | no | maybe?
draw 3 cards, shuffle them around face down, stopping when you feel ~compelled~

[28] CANDLES:  remembrance | honour | guidance
remember this | honour this | this will guide you home

[29] TRICK:  TP-ing | egging | arson
your inner sense of mischief | sometimes your jokes hurt though | whoa now you’ve got to dial it back several notches there friend

[30] TREAT:  candy bucket | !feeding frenzy! | bellyache
your favourite treat | how you overindulge in it | the painful consequences

[31] HALLOWEEN:  samhain | hallow’s eve | devil’s night
where your life needs more good old-fashioned tradition | where your life needs more ritual and awe | where your life needs more reckless abandon
Enjoy the challenge and be sure to check back in a few days for the official mixtape playlist to complete the spoOoOoOpy atmosphere!



10 thoughts on “Spoopy! Creppy! Hell-O-Ween Challenge *dOoOoOo*

  1. Colleen Setchell says:

    These are bloody brilliant!!!!! It’s obvious that you’ve thought this through a lot and each day has a crazy, fun, thoughtful spread. I can’t wait to try this. I won’t do it every day because I’m rubbish and have little time of some days but I’m honestly going to try. Love it!!!! Thank you so much!!!


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