Spreads for the Labyrinth Oracle

The Area - Labyrinth Oracle card by me and my ruined childhood

The Area – Labyrinth Oracle card by me and my “ruined” childhood

Once upon a time (in a kingdom far, far away), I was involved in a DIY Labyrinth Oracle testing group. The oracle designer supplied us with the names of the cards – based on the characters and situations in Jim Henson’s iconic fantasy, Labyrinth – and we created our own decks based on those prompts. I added a few of my own cards, the most important being *ahem* the quite legendary Area (also known as The Bulge). This was the only card I ever got around to (lovingly) illustrating, for some reason…

Our group was encouraged to design spreads to test drive the deck and I got very inspired because this film… this film has been my friend since I was 10 years old and I jUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELS ABOUT IT OKAy?! Now imagine my frustration when I couldn’t find the spreads I created. And the group blog has been disabled. OM.GGGG. PANIC.

Finally I remembered I once emailed some of them and managed to salvage these three from the archives and I calmed down somewhat:



These spreads were designed to be used with the Labyrinth Oracle and they work especially well with the archetypes and archetypal story elements found in the Labyrinth – as well as the particular mischievous sense of humour the deck has -, but they aren’t too specialised that you couldn’t use a regular oracle or tarot deck as well. It is helpful in understanding the spreads if you are familiar with the Labyrinth movie, but for anyone who isn’t (please rectify this situation ASAP):


Get Through the Labyrinth Spread (for reclaiming something that is lost)

Sarah carelessly wishes for the goblins to take her baby brother, realising too late that words have consequences when the goblins happily oblige. Jareth, the Goblin King, holds Sarah’s brother hostage, giving her thirteen hours to solve the labyrinth before Toby gets turned into a goblin.

During the course of our lives, we also carelessly give away, discard and lose things that our important to our Selves, essential pieces of our own mythos; we might not even remember losing them. This spread is to help you find what has been lost in the story of your life so far.

[1] Enter the Labyrinth – where the journey begins

[2] The Castle Beyond (the Goblin City) – the destination/where the thing that is lost is being held

[3] To Take Back the Child (That Was Stolen From Me) – the thing that is lost

[4] The Goblin City – what stands in your way

[5] An Unusual Friend – an unexpected companion/guide/aid on your journey


DON’T GO THAT WAY Spread (for decision-making/path-choosing)

This spread is reminiscent of a those choose-your-own-adventure we all had in the 80s and can be used together with the spread above, or by itself. You lay out the entire spread, flip the initial LEFT and RIGHT cards and choose which path to follow from there on. The trick is, in the movie, Sarah is directed down the wrong path by a would-be guide because she doesn’t ask the right questions. Learn from her mistakes and phrase your query well!


You Remind Me of the Babe Spread

The positions of this spread are based on the call-and-response intro to Dance Magic:

Jareth: You remind me of the babe.

Goblin: What babe?

Jareth: The babe with the power.

Goblin: What power?

Jareth: The power of voodoo.

Goblin: Who do?

Jareth: You do!

Goblin: Do what?

Jareth: Remind me of the babe!

The first card circles back to become the fifth card, or you can draw a final “Remind Me of the Babe” card to see how it pairs with the first. This is a bit of a nonsense spread where the results are totally unpredictable and open to interpretation. The Goblin King is known to be tricksy with his words – good luck making sense of this one!


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