Nooope Spread

I am a BIG fan of the Archer® series (#PamPoovey5Lyfe) and am currently all wrapped up in season 6 (only 3 more episodes OH NO!) While enduring yet another sleepless night, I started playing with the idea of designing tarot spreads around each of the characters’ catchphrases. Total BAMF Lana Kane‘s most recognizable one is a drawn out “nope” with an accented “p”, that I use all. the. time. #yesiamthatperson, making it the perfect start to this series (I hope) of spreads.



[click to embiggen]

For when you just keep pushing an issue, despite all signs pointing to “No.”

N : the thing that’s not gunna happen, no matter how much you want it to

O : the reasons WHYYY

O : it’s NOT.

O : going to HAPPEN

P : the consequences if you decide to pursue this thing, regardless (ie. if your name is Sterling Mallory Archer)

E : an alternative thing to consider, before you get yourself in any deeper trouble than you already are


As always, leave a comment if you use this spread and find it helpful. I find it’s often the “joke” spreads that deliver the harshest truths!




Lana Kane character created by Adam Reed.
Spread created under Fair Use terms; no copyright infringement intended.


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