Obscure Sorrows Tarot Challenge – Complete!

And all I can say is, “OMG thank you!!” I never expected the overwhelmingly positive response to this challenge, both on instagram and tumblr (with even a few hits on twitter and individual blogs), and it’s hard to express how all your messagess have touched me. It’s been such a journey, learning from and about everyone, and seeing the positive support and encouragement that’s been given all ’round. To get feedback that this is something that’s actually helped some people is just…


wat are words even

Now, whether you’ve managed to hack your way through all 31 days, or only 1  (or anywhere in between – heck, even I haven’t finished!) your journey through the valley of the shadow of Self deserves a little recognition, so go ahead and print yourself a certificate. It’s totally official and recognised by several esteemed tarot and psychological organizations worldwide. Like, totally ;D


Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of participation

Certificate of Participation


And in case you missed it on the original posting, there is a final question –

BONUS Obscure Joy Radiarius: The riotous unfettered joy of enthusiasts in an activity that would have thrown them into the nearest asylum 50 years ago.

What hidden joy do you wish you could share openly?

It’s been a hardcore month for challenges and I’m going to go back to taking it really easy for August (at least, that’s the plan… ?) but I have a great challenge planned for Octoberween that I’m very excited about, so rest up!



Marks will be awarded for participation

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