i’m starting to receive concerned messages so this is a quick-ish #stillalive #instaspoonie #downergram. please don’t feel obligated or manipulated in any way to offer sympathy or what-have-you -> having to explain myself and apologise for being a “flake” is a way of life at this point :\

• • • • •

i live with #chronicpain, #migraine and a grab-bag of other wellness issues of varying intensity and severity. sometimes they all flare up together and i’m left completely exhausted for days. or weeks. or longer #GOODTIMES my original reason for starting this account was to give myself a coping outlet; a reason to face each day, no matter how much it cost me.

after a severe migraine, i’m accustomed to the 2-3 day #migrainehangover recovery period, but i’m still physically and mentally drained a week-and-a-half later after my most recent one. in addition, it seems to have aggravated some of my other symptoms, so i’ve had to unexpectedly dial-back on all energy expenditures.

i had a terribly unhelpful and demotivating drs visit yesterday and am feeling frustrated and angry about being forced to endure this horseshit. thankfully my emotional wellbeing is still on track – usually i am extremely hard on myself for “failing” and neglecting my “responsibilities” when riding the #flareup express, but i’m trying compassion and patience for a change.

thank you for all your lovely comments on my #mindfulmandalamonth posts ❤️ and i am still following your #julydeedee readings, even if i am unable to comment. i’ve got an awesome challenge planned for octoberween! 👻 and if you are a fellow #spoonie, hang in there and don’t be ashamed of not being in control of your #meatsuit – you can only do what you can do 👍


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