The Devil’s Disco

devils disco

And the Lord said: Thou Shalt Boogie Forever


Associating music with the tarot was one of the first exercises to get me ridiculously excited about the versatility of tarot and the levels on which it can be understood and applied to life. When I discovered 8tracks last year, one of my first thoughts was to make mixtapes for the cards, but the time constraints of searching through thousands of songs, narrowing a playlist down, sorting them into the perfect order and then editing the tracks as needed, has kept me from ever going anywhere with it.

When I discovered Little Fox Tarot a few weeks ago (please check them out – they are not just insightful, but funny as hell!) I saw that they have a Tarot Mixtape Playlist on their site – oh my gods! Why didn’t I think of that; why must I always over-complicate things??

Since the mind-blowing, ground-breaking discovery that I could just write things down all in one place (as opposed to notes scribbled in five dozen books and scraps of paper), I’ve been paying attention to spontaneous associations I make while listening to music on my daily walk to work. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the music I listen to (and perhaps in general?) fits into 5 main categories:

  • 7 of Wands: Fuck you and you and you I hate you all
  • 4 of Cups: Life sucks; I don’ wanna play no more
  • 3 of Swords: Nothing is okay and everything hurts
  • The Devil: Heyyyy, soooo, let’s do ALL THE BAD THINGS


You all know who this walking douchebag is. I'm not going to say his name out loud, for fear of summoning him. (And I don't mean the devil!)

You all know who this walking douchebag is. I’m not going to say his name out loud, for fear of summoning him. (And I don’t mean the devil!)


This “keywording” exercise is a great jumping-off place in identifying which cards fit the songs, rather than trying to sift through a library of music, trying to find songs to fit the cards. I also noticed that most music is the energy of the card intensified, and more often, reversed. I’ve begun the process of compiling playlists, keeping it text-based for now because – let’s be real – most people viewing this are on mobile (though I’ve linked to YouTube wherever I can, for your boogieing pleasure).

VIEW IT HERE (still very very bare bones and unformatted), and remember:



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