I’m FINE Spread

This spread was inspired by a TED Talk by Mel Robbins on “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over“. In it, she talks about the “F Word”: FINE, and how we use it to avoid thinking about and acting on all those things that are lacking in our lives. FINE is settling. FINE is non-confrontational. FINE is a lie; a lie we tell others, and ourselves.

The spread positions are explained below, and you’ll see that they are somewhat loose and customisable, as we all use the FINE “method” in a slightly different way. You may even wish to pull more than one card for one or more of the positions – whatever brings you clarity!




[F] eeble Excuse – What feeble excuse are you making in order to avoid confronting the issue? Additionally, how are you failing yourself in doing this?

[I] nsincere Communication – What lie are you telling yourself and others in order to keep up this pretense? Or, how is this excuse/lie affecting the honestly of your communication?

[N] egation of Self – Where are you denying your true desires? Or, what desires are you denying fulfilment to?

[E] vasion of the Issue – How is this affecting your authenticity? Or, how are you denying your authenticity?



Marks will be awarded for participation

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