Deck Interview – Rx!

This “Tarot Personified” tumblr ask meme was designed by Prince(ss) of Pentacles. What you’re supposed to do is post the questions, then your followers inbox you a number and you answer the corresponding question. Because I do what I want (and also maybe I’m a little anxious that nobody will respond D:) I decided to turn this into a reverse deck interview spread!

For the first round, I let the Ludy Lescot have some fun, basically giving her one more chance to show me she can behave. Well, she failed – miserably. This deck is very particular about the kinds of readings it wants to do. Would you like to gossip about your co-workers or fangirl over a WB show? Then you’ve come to the right place! But if you want serious insight into anything, um, like, noooo-wuh? You can’t sit with us.

So, Japaridze it is. Haven’t used this beyond gorgeous deck outside of daily draws and that’s a problem that needs solving, STAT. So while Ludy pouts and heaves her be-corsetted bosoms in the gloom, let’s hang out in the riotously colourful world of the Japaridze instead.


Japaridze Tarot by Nino Japaridze; U.S. Games Inc, 2014

Japaridze Tarot by Nino Japaridze; U.S. Games Inc, 2014


[1] What tarot card am I most like?
Six of Fire

I am a performer, but I am also a practised performer, for better or for worse (depending on the situation). I have worked hard at something I am passionate about, which holds my creative interest, and am sharing that with the world. However, I feel a certain disconnect between the audience and the violinist in this card. As much as an artist shares their work with others, there is always that hint of… what’s the word… resentment that taints the experience. Nobody will ever “get” the art; nobody will ever experience it as it was intended when created.

[2] What card do I wish I was more like?
Jester of Gardens

This card seems to provide a continuous narrative with the previous one.

The Jester of Gardens feels like someone who doesn’t take their pursuits as seriously. Being of earth, creation is a more grounded and less volatile experience. The Jester/Page is someone who has made the decision to go out into the world with a certain innocent acceptance of whatever awaits – in this card the character even holds the world, showing the greater connectedness of the experience.

[3] What card would be my dream significant other’s signifier?
Jester of Tides

Hmm. I don’t know, Japaridze. I’m pretty sure I shuffled you damn well after that last reading, but here’s the PgC again and I’m feeling very meh about this. The typical PgC would actually be someone I’d want to punch in the gut if I was forced to be around them for any length of time! I mean, yes, the Page is airy-water so there’s that, but they’re also all the worst parts of me magnified. That doesn’t make for a very healthy relationship!

Maybe it’s about wicked fashion sense? Maybe the Jester of Tides would help me be more like the Jester of Gardens (seeing as they are complimentary elements)?

[4] What card would I least get along with if they were personified?
Three of Fire

Ha ha haaa! 3W people are like catnip to me, but it can go either way as far as compatibility is concerned, it’s true.

[5] What card would I want to be best friends with personified?
XIV Temperance

That’s more like it! A blending of my preferred elements, perfected. Someone who is balanced, but not grounded to the point of being stuck; who’s been through some shit (HM, Death), but remains light and playful; who still has places to go and things to do. Temperance is like a permanent state of growth-evaluation-adjustment, neither static nor chaotic. it’s a good place to be.

[6] What suit do I identify most with?
(Three of) Winds

Hah! No shocker that I get the Suit of Air (and bats!!)  Thanks for dealing me the 3, jerk ;)

[7] What suit do I identify least with?
(Seven of) Tides

Hmh. Fully expected Pentacles, but apparently I’m even less in touch with my emotions than my body. That’s… not good? I guess my “eww, no” response to the Jester of Tides would make sense then. Let’s just rename the Suit of Cups as DeNile and be done with it!

[8] What card can I learn the most from?
Eight of Tides

Uh, yeah, I get it. Feelings are friends blah blah blah and I need to build a bridge and get over it (and myself, if I am to believe the daily draws for this week). But tell me, wouldn’t the 3W be the perfect instigator and initiator for this learning experience? Hmm, maybe not. The person in the 8C has made a conscious decision to walk away from things that weigh them down on their journey, whereas the 3W is more of an avoidance of issues, rather than confrontation – I’ll climb in my balloon and fly far away!

[9] Quintessence 
V Hierophant

If you’ve been following along, you’ll notice that this reading shares 4 CARDS with the New Moon reading I did *grrrr* So when I’d finished laying out this reading, I added the cards and had a good giggle over the Quint being my soul/name/errythang card. No mistaking this reading as belonging to anyone else but me, because I’mmm…









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