Living With Decklust



the disease is invisible, but the pain is real

We’ve all been afflicted at one time or another. Some of us are #chronic sufferers, dealing with sporadic #flareups; for others it’s a daily #struggle to slake the #thirst for #justonemore. With the ever-increasing influx of indie decks brought to us by internet #pushers (Kickstarter, I’m looking at you), more and more are falling victim to this accursed soul-sickness very day.


but whyyy can’t i have them alllll??

#decklust is caused by a state of imagined scarcity, amplified by exposure, and exhibits as a certain kind of mass hysteria that is highly contagious. This spreads through the #tarotcommunity like wildfire any time a new deck is released (or pre-released, or starts funding, or becomes available after being OoP forever), with each reblog and share acting as fuel for the blaze.

Very few are immune to this.

But there is a cure!


i don’t know how much longer i can live like this…

After much experimentation and field-testing, we have discovered several therapy options that address the ways in which #decklust is manifested. These can be administered singly, or combined as needed. With rigorous adherence to this treatment plan, it is even possible that inoculation may eventually be achieved!

  • the quickest way to cure the primary cause of #imaginedscarcity is to simply LOOK AT ALL THE SHIT YOU HAVE. In all likelihood, the deck you are currently lusting after is similar to something you already own!  If you have drawers or shelves full of decks, it is highly likely that there are many you haven’t looked at in a long time. Take them out, enjoy each card, read with the deck and remember what it was that attracted you to it in the first place.
  • over-exposure is the surest way immunise against a deck that is already on the market. You know how when you first start dating someone, you can’t get enough of them, but then they’re always in your face and you wish they would just leaveyoualoneforonegoddamnsecond? Same principle applies. Find anyone and everyone who has ever used the deck; go on forums; make it your wallpaper; gorge yourself on it ‘til you’re fucking sick of its fucking face.
  • realise that aesthetic appreciation dos not necessitate long-term commitment. I like to look at cat gifs, but I don’t want a cat my deep dark secret please don’t murder me in my sleep (I DO WANT A GOAT. LOTS OF GOATS. ALL THE GOATS.) Sometimes all you’re really after is a long-distance relationship. Save images of the deck, create a pinterest board, a collage, a mixtape – hell print out a shitty dummy copy – to test how serious your feelings are.
  • if you absolutely must have it, then implement #judgementofsolomon. If you add a new deck, then an existing one in your collection needs to be traded, sold, or otherwise disposed of or repurposed. You will quickly discover what’s actually important to you when faced with having to give it up.

i feel so light and free! thank you, science!

And if all that doesn’t work, there’s always plan B –


plan B for BOOZE



4 thoughts on “Living With Decklust

  1. Denice says:

    I’ve only one deck now, one I bought on the way, one my sister has yet to send me, one(or hopefully two) I’m receiving from someone as a trade. It just started baby! Woo! My family is gonna think I’m nuts. Not to mention I seriously want to make my own some day……

    If the decks is cheaper, is it equally as bad? ;D


    • la Reine de l'Air says:

      :D I started with one, and then added 5 more. Then 9 more. I’ve had to slow down my acquisition rate (boooo!), but I’ll live… I think. Cheap decks are worse, because they make it so much easier to justify! Definitely pursue making your own – there are so many ways to achieve that now, especially if you don’t have to-have to go with a private printing company.


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