Solstice Checkup Spread

solstice checkup

Solstice Checkup Spread [clilck to enlarge]

I don’t celebrate the Summer Solstice as a particularly special day, but I enjoy exploring the symbolism that goes along with it. Noodling around this morning looking for an interesting tarot spread incorporating this symbolism, I found an article on experiencing the solstice through the Suit of Wands. Perfect!

I designed this spread using the article prompts, laid out to represent the sun glyph ☉. The article talks about using the prompts to explore areas of creativity, but this spread can be used as a general “self check” as well. The central card is an additional one to get an idea for the overall theme of the reading’s subject matter until Midwinter (Winter Solstice).

As always, let me know if you try this spread. I’m off to see how my metaphysical oil and lube levels are doing!



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