The Idiosyncradeck

The Cracked Amethyst is a graphic designer and tarot reader who has been working on their own tarot deck – interim name of the Idiosyncradeck – and yesterday they announced that the last card is done! This is  very exciting moment for an artist (and for tarot readers and collectors who might one day hold this deck in their hands) so I’d like to take this opportunity to generate some love and interest for this project!

The deck is done in a simplified – but not simple – vector style, that makes the cards very approachable and easy to understand, while incorporating several unique artistic touches and interpretations. The art style makes it especially good for projecting your own set of meanings and associations; the illustrations have an “open” feeling to them – it’s easy to enter their worlds and see what you can find there for yourself.

If the deck gets published, I could see it being very attractive to beginners, or people who are otherwise intimidated by the tarot, due to this welcoming nature of the art. It would also be wonderful for public readings where a more “lowkey”, all ages-friendly deck is required. There are very few decks that are 100% “safe” for younger readers, but the Idiosyncradeck definitely fulfils any of the standard requirements (no graphic violence, nudity, sexual situations, gore etc.)

Below are a few of my favourite cards:

View all the cards posted here, or in one post all together and please let The Cracked Amethyst know if you like what you see! Artists need all the love and encouragement they can get :)



3 thoughts on “The Idiosyncradeck

  1. JJ says:

    I have always loved vector artwork. Things like gradients, outlines, masks, and colouring are not as easy as people think in vector illustrations. They tend to make the file sizes huge and cumbersomely slow for what looks simple.

    I really like this deck too, especially the Cups. Yes, the “open” aspect would appeal to me, decks like this are like gold.

    I have found it easiest to buy self-published decks on Etsy. I don’t do Kickstarter but maybe she would consider selling the Idiosyncradeck on Etsy too? Nakisha VanderHoeven does that after getting the funding at Kickstarter or Gamecrafter and it makes her decks more accessible.


    • la Reine de l'Air says:

      Yes, I am also a sucker for vector art. The scalability without loss just makes. me. HAPPY. But *woof* file sizes and crashes and you’d better be backing up every 2 minutes, son!

      Due to shipping and the current exchange rate, any decks outside of the country are way beyond my budget, Heck, even decks /inside/ the country are expensive because everything costs more here AND our postage is ridiculous :C #whine


      • JJ says:

        Yes, I get the postage problem. I used to exchange paperback books with a guy in Australia until the postage became like a car loan. In Canada our postal rates are going sky high. I had to stop shipping Christmas gifts a few years ago.


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