New Moon Reading : June 16

I’ve been getting daily messages from the Universal Wirth Tarot  that something needs to be balanced, or I need to choose between things, but every time I’ve thought I had it figured, I haven’t! Yesterday I did a clarifier reading on these daily draws (they can all be seen here) and got ALL THE WANDS. Clearly, something is on fyah! Auntie Moon’s post on the current New Moon in Gemini might have cleared all this up:

A task for this Gemini lunation is to bring any dualities you are facing or projecting into alignment. If you are behaving like two different people in some situation, this lunation is the perfect time to learn how to present a single clear message… This New Moon is conjunct Mars. Mars in Gemini is very alert, kicking the restless Gemini energy up a notch. It’s a kind of more, more, more, now, now, now influence.

With Mercury in Gemini, communication is a big thing for me, but with it being such a strong combination, sometimes my ability to communicate runs into overdrive. I guess that’s where that fiery Mars influence is showing up! This was a perfect opportunity to design a spread around these themes, and I called on the Japaridze Tarot to help out.


new moon jun16 reading

Japaridze Tarot by Nino Japaridze; U.S. games Inc, 2014


[1 & 2] What dualities am I facing?
Seven of Gardens & VI Love

lol Patience, perseverance and control (Mars in Gemini is not a fan!) vs. the essence of duality in Gemini’s own card! Oh, I can already see this is going to be a wonderfully “helpful” and “informative” reading *sigh*

[3] How can I bring them into alignment?
Seven of Tides

Much like the Seven of Gardens, this card shows a veritable smorgasbord of options, but with the added element of danger if you make the wrong choice. It feels like one of those loaded “Choose Your Own Adventure” pages – maybe if I keep my finger in the book to hold my place I can flip back if the monster gets me?

Perhaps the message here is to let my heart guide me, rather than trying to be practical about it. Focus on what will make me happy, rather than on what I think will be best for the “world”? Basically, do what you love and the rest will follow.

[4] What is my message?
Three of Winds

This kinda feels like honing in on the things you love, after multiple false starts. The heart repeats the Love card. But as to how this is my message – ??

You guys aren’t making this easy on me and you’re embarrassing me in front of my friends like omg

[5] How can I best disseminate it?
Six of Winds

Take a long view, see where the fertile land is, plant your (Seven of Gardens) seeds there. Also har-de-har seeds are commonly dispersed by wind or some other aerial transportation method, yes, you’re very smart.

[6] Where do I need to cool down?
Jester of Tides


[Extra] Path to choose
XIV Temperance




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