The Best. Deck. Evah.

This is a reblog of a post I originally made in November, 2009 (good LORDT.)

I sent it and the Best. Deck. Ever. page back to the drafts folder when I relaunched as la Reine de l’air because I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue with it. Nor did I think it would be missed by anyone, but Beth Maiden at Little Red Tarot actually asked about whether I would be bringing it back! It’s funny things I never realised made an impact (the Mortty gallery is another one I’m revamping for this same reason). 

So the BDE returns and wow it needs some work and oh dear there are so many more choices now and goshdarn&heck I could easily make a ver. 2 and 3 AND 4 at this point! but first things first – ? (And if you have any particular favourites you think I should check out, please leave a comment here or on the BDE page!) 

Comic Book Guy - Best. Deck. Ever.

If Comic Book Guy says so, it must be true. (CBG from -The Simpsons- by Matt Groening. Copyright FOX)

The BDE is something I’ve been meaning to compile for a long time. It started when I was composing my tarot comparison sheets, sifting through images for the hundreds of decks available, searching for the images that best represented each card, or gave the most interesting interpretation, or simply the prettiest depiction (Aesthetics Uber Alles).

Then I thought, “What if I could narrow all these choices down to one? One Card to Rule Them All… What an exercise in self control that would be! “No, you can’t have them all. Just one. Yes, I know those 5 are all really pretty and they each contribute something special and unique to the mix. Still, you can only have one. Now choose.”

Since discovering the side-by-side comparison pages on, this task has been made much easier. The deck listing is far from complete, but it’s a good place to start. Then it’s back to scouring the various websites with complete deck images for further inspiration. I want the BDE to have no repetitions; each card should be from a different deck. This makes things even more difficult for my inner archivist: “But this deck has 20 images that are perfect… HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE?!” Learning is pain, young grasshopper, learning is pain ;) I’m starting backwards, first with the images that absolutely have to be included, and then working my way out from there. It’s fun, sifting for internet gold.

Once it’s complete I’ll be able to add commentary on why each choice was made, but for now, there are cards waiting to be found… gathered… collected. Perfect Cards… the One Cards… for The Ultimate Deck of TAROT!


5 thoughts on “The Best. Deck. Evah.

  1. iceclone says:

    I like going to Albideuter! I want to see what my favorite cards look like before I buy them… lol. I usually look at the Hanged Man, Death, Lovers and the Moon. I like to see how they portray the Devil too… if its too spooky or ugly… that’s a dealbreaker… haha.


    • submerina says:

      Between Albi, Taroteca and Strega, we never have to worry about experiencing Deck Regret (except for maybe not bonding with the cards in real life…)

      I’m all about the HP, Death and The Moon, with The Star bringing up a very close second and gaining :) I tend to ignore The Devil, which probably speaks volumes in itself!


  2. erishilton says:

    See… yet another cool idea that you’ve come up with, that I totally haven’t even thought of.

    This could be dangerous, madam!

    I have many decks that I like mostly because one or two cards are BDE status, while the rest is just meh. The High Priestess, Strength, and the Star are the ones I look to first. If those three aren’t awesome, the poor deck doesn’t stand a chance.


    • submerina says:

      We laugh in the face of danger – ha haaa! I’d love to see the Erisian BDE. DO IT! Now that I’ve started though, I’ve got all these ideas for other types of BDE’s (some with soundtracks!?)… just how outta controoool do I want my sidebar to get?


  3. JJ says:

    Oh yeah, bring back Morty, he is great fun.

    You know, I wouldn’t even dare to try and narrow it down to one deck with all my favourite cards. I would get exhausted trying to sort it out. Dithering and changing my mind, insanity would ensue.

    I do like that 7 of Swords in the Fey though, and you have one card from Stella’s Tarot, one of my favourites. I often go to Albideuter too.


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