Out of Fucks to Give Reading

Following up on Wednesday’s “Out of Fucks” Spread, here are my results! I decided to approach this as a shit reading, not really expecting anything too serious and ready to work with what the cards dealt me. The initial spread was done using the Universal Wirth Tarot – as that’s the deck I’m using this week – with the Infinity riding shotgun, to add a little clarity if things got lost in translation.

You’ll see that the decks worked very well in tandem and they obviously decided to go along with the spirit of this reading, while still delivering the truth. I found it very interesting how the cards even seemed to pair up, whether by suit/element or visually. Doing double-decker readings is one of my favourite things to do for this very reason.

Enough explosion exposition, let’s get this shit-show started!


Universal Wirth Tarot by Giordano Berti & Stefano Palumbo; Lo Scarabeo, 2008 | Infinity Tarot by Pierluca Zizzi & Severino Baraldi, Lo Scarabeo, 2015 [click to enlarge]

Universal Wirth Tarot by Giordano Berti & Stefano Palumbo; Lo Scarabeo, 2008 | Infinity Tarot by Pierluca Zizzi & Severino Baraldi, Lo Scarabeo, 2015 [click to enlarge]

[1] There it is, the last fuck I give… 
King of Cups – Page of Chalices

And I won’t miss it!

OMG look at how these cards mimic the expression of this position! The KC is waving farewell to his last fuck – he is done with being a pillar of support -, while the PgC serenely sniffs a flower as his last fuck ascends to the heavens in the form of a beautiful butterfly, set free from its cocoon.

Interesting matching of Suits – and both are Court cards – even if the elements are different. Definitely a mind-heart connection happening on an emotional level.


[2] Why am I out of fucks?
6 of Wands – 5 of Coins

From chasing after castles in the sky and barking up dead trees

The 5P makes me think of throwing good money after bad; of investing in something that is so far past saving that it is never coming back to life. That tree is deaddeaddead. The woman in 6W is holding onto a banner and excitedly running up the stairs to claim her victory, but she’s in for a nasty surprise when she hits the water! All that effort for nothing.


[3] Who/What drains my supply of fucks?
Page of Wands – 7 of Chalices

Having to constantly be on guard, protecting the place I “live”

The cups form a “house” shape, but in this case the place I live is referring to the workplace: it’s the PgW that gives this away. Even the way the cards were placed shows the PgW standing in front of the house, but the Page has no power, and no influence. So there’s me, standing on guard, wasting my effort on attaining ridiculously temporary victories.


[4] Where am I wasting my fucks?
2 of Pentacles – Knight of Coins

Everywhere I give a fuck (the 2P is the card that inspired this spread!)

The two coins in the KgtC are being juggled by the jester in the 2P. This reiterates the above: the Knight works hard for those coins, planting them in fertile soil so that they bear good yield, only to have the jester come behind him and tear it all up (while he laughs because fuckit it’s not my money!)


Excuse me while I take a break to drink. Heavily.


[5] What do I truly give a fuck about?
III The Empress – 10 of Coins

Being a kept woman whose only job is to look pretty and not fall off her pedestal

I actually care about this hot mess. I care about maintaining the balance, keeping the flow of seeds planted and seeds sprouted; I care about pleasing the Empress; I care about this thing I  (used to be able to) love.



[6] Where should I spend my fucks?
9 of Swords – IX The Hermit

Pointing and laughing at those who have it coming, particularly Old White Men

Two 9 cards! The Infinity 9S makes me think of cursing, which is a form of poison (like the snake in the Hermit). In all seriousness, as much as I want to just say fuckit and let the world burn down, I think these two cards are saying to rid myself of the snake, before I succumb completely to the Swords. After all, no one is helping that man up. You’re on your own, mate!


[7] Where can I get more fucks?
XIII Death – Page of Coins

By dancing on the backs of my enemies and crushing it out of them like a fine fucking wine (YOUR SCREAMS ONLY EXCITE ME FURTHER)

By escaping the wheel, riding it to freedom. Death transcends, much as the Page has “transcended” the coin. There are three Pages in this reading now, reinforcing the message that this struggle is so much larger than me. All I can hope to do is balance on my little patch of land and laugh while everything falls to pieces around me.


[8] How can I ration my fucks in future? 
Knight of Swords – 6 of Chalices

3 drinks in the morning and 3 drinks at night will put the spring back in your step

The 6C really does show a rationing: 3 cups above, and 3 below. I’m allowed to spend only so many on charging in to save the day, the rest I have to reserve for myself and things that actually matter. Here the elements match up, showing how mentally draining this situation is on me.


So basically what I’m hearing is

let the world burn



Am I wrong??



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