Out of Fucks to Give Spread


2 of Pentacles – Infinity Tarot by Pierluca Zizzi & Severino Baraldi; Lo Scarabeo, 2015

This spread was inspired by the 2 of Pentacles from the Infinity Tarot, and the embarrassingly shitty birthday readings I gave a friend over the weekend.

I blame overindulgence in Chinese food, killer chocolate cake and Jurassic Park – in that order – for the total “duhhhhhh” I experienced when trying to read for her. Luckily she understands that we all have days where our third eye is caught napping, and it turned into a rather hilarious giggle-fest.

Shit readings have a way of sneaking up on you and unexpectedly delivering cold, hard truths, in my experience. Neither of us remember much of what we decided, but it basically came down to “there goes the last fuck I give and these are the fucking fucks who are responsible”!

If you are experiencing difficulties rationing your fucks, you might find this spread useful. I definitely give way too many fucks about way too many largely insignificant things – I’m cautiously looking forward to the results of my reading (up on Friday)!

[click to enlarge]

Out of Fucks to Give Spread [click to enlarge]

But Dee,” you cry, as you continue to give two shits about things that don’t matter, “how do I release myself from the vicious cycle of giving a fuck?

Calm yo’ tits, I gotchu; my collection of reaction images is vast and (somewhat) meticulously categorised (can’t go giving too much of a fuck about that now, can I? Practise what you preach!) The following inspirational affirmations are provided for your meditational enjoyment.**

** Please remember to stretch and go slowly before embracing any new state of consciousness. I will not be held responsible for torn schemas, shattered behavioural models and ruptured paradigms.


9 thoughts on “Out of Fucks to Give Spread

  1. alyxanderjames says:

    I love this! I showed this to my partner (who isn’t particularly into tarot but is supportive of my love for it), and his thought was, “There should be a ninth position at the end: All the Fucks I Don’t Give, where you put the rest of the deck.” :)


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