June 2 Full Moon Reading… Or Not

I wasn’t feeling so fantastic on the fay of the full moon and, whether it was that affecting my draws, or just the usual horseshittery that I notice with the cards at this time, I just couldn’t get a decent reading! Even after I switched to a different deck, it gave me 4/5 of the exact. same. cards O.O I know when to quit. Eventually.

Then I saw Kayla’s  post using the Personal Compass Spread from Little Red and it looked really good! and I really wanted to do a reading! so I did! And wow. Good call. The Infinity Tarot delivered on this one.

Infinity Tarot by Pierluca Zizzi & Severino Baraldi; Lo Scarabeo, 2015 [click to enlarge]

Infinity Tarot by Pierluca Zizzi & Severino Baraldi; Lo Scarabeo, 2015 [click to enlarge]

[1] You at this moment
Ace of Cups (jumper)

Ridiculously accurate depiction of the last few days for me: my anxiety was set off, I lost control of my “cup” and the spillage wouldn’t stop. Even the form of the cup’s contents in this card is dead on – pinky-red like a fresh wound and vaporous, impossible to hold onto or bring back under control. The burgundy background reinforces that feeling of emotions that are running too hot and dark.

[2] ‘Crossing card’: something which you are carrying at this time
9 of Wands

Fire crossing water (which has been coming up repeatedly in my daily draws with these cards), the Wands telling Cups both to hang in there, and offering support. I like the way the man in the 9W is standing on clouds the same colour as the cup’s contents, as well as the way he seems to be reaching for the hand in the AC when the cards are physically crossed. He seems to be reaching through the bars of a prison, to pull the AC to freedom and blue skies!

[3] ‘Basis’: what has brought you here
Queen of Pentacles

I am accustomed to holding my coins/resources (including “spoons”) very close to my chest, being extremely careful what and how much I share. Now I am suddenly experiencing a huge drain on these resources – mostly by choice i.e. freely given, and partially through feeling obligated (which will find a natural balance once I’m more accustomed to this experience). It’s the unexpected “taking” that has thrown me off.

(This card even came up in a daily draw to show where I “give too much” so… pretty clear on that one!)

[4] Something which is leaving your life
4 of Pentacles

Ha! There it is: the “taking” of my resources to fill someone else’s coffer! As this is an influence that is on its way out, I can only assume that I will soon be finding my feet and righting my spilly cup.

[5] Something which is coming into your life
2 of Pentacles

OMG love it! The very balance I am talking about finding – the suits even match across the 3 cards (ilu Infinity Tarot you totally deserve that sweetass mixtape). The lightness and freedom of the 2P is such a contrast to the recursive QP and stuffy old 4P. The particolour suit of the jester (?) suggests finding the sweet spot where fun and resourcefulness cross paths.

Beth suggests a pause to evaluate after card 5, to ‘sum up’ the reading so far with a picture of where the querent is at.

You know I like my numbers, so the first thing I see is that the Quint for this mini-reading is 16. Why this is significant is that The Tower is one of the cards I kept getting in the Full Moon readings I attempted. More than that, it was the “solution” card in the daily draw where I received the QP!

The central issue of this mini-reading is the feeling of my world being shaken up (INDEED) to the point where I wanted to “move house” (I very nearly shut all of this down again) – but the solution is to make a change on my own terms.

Looking at the coming-and-going cards, we have 6, a number of balance achieved through the union of two opposite forces, forming a stronger and more complete whole. The conflict of water and fire? Water needs earth, while fire needs air for optimal peace and harmony.

[6] Resources you can call upon in moving forward (x 3 cards)
10 of Cups | 7 of Wands | 9 of Swords

10C instantly pings as a “family” card here – whatever family may mean to you. It’s your personal support network, the people who know you best, the ones who have your back and know the truth, even when the world turns upside-down. They’ve seen your good days and bad days and will share a cup with you in celebration or sympathy. Most importantly, they’ll remind you that the scale generally tips to the side of “good”.

Batter up! Get your Green Goblin on! This 7W is obviously determined – from the tips of his French kiniggit ‘stache to his feet firmly braced on a shield – but he doesn’t seem taxed at all by deflecting the wands coming at him. I imagine him giving a robust *hon hon hon* and perhaps a challenge of, “Do your worst!” Notice that his shield is suspended and yet he is still completely stable. That’s some core strength!

9S: Like, I’m not a bitch witch, but yooooooo this card. This card is for cursing. (Is it just me? Maybe I’m watching too much Penny Dreadful ;) ) I’ve stared at it long and hard, but honestly that’s all that’s coming to me and I’ll be keeping that particular bag of tricks nicely sealed up for now.

[7] A word of advice…
IV The Emperor

Anyone who’s seen me read knows that my standard reaction to the Emperor is *HISSSS* but this guy can get it! His laser-staff-lance is an amazing image and it clearly demonstrates his pinpoint focus of power. This is not a wildfire that decimates; this is a precision tool for cauterizing even the finest capillary.

His kingdom of air is a place of power too, so much better than the arid landscape we usually see the Emperor in. While the structure surrounding him is stable and defined, it allows for breezes and light to enter, keeping the Emperor’s point-of-view fresh and stagnation free (NEW from Febreeze!)

(This card makes me think of a mini golf challenge – doesn’t that carpet look like a putting green? Gods, no matter what I do, I can’t get away from the “daddy issues” card :D)

[8] A purpose or direction in which to head
6 of Pentacles

6! 6. 6. Direction CONFIRMED. A balance is achieved when opposites are united (mirroring the Lovers here, another multi-draw from full moon readings – in the scanned image I saw he’s even offering her a large, red faceted gemstone). Water allows earth a place for reflection and recharge (the “doubling” effect seen in the card), while earth gives water the stable support it needs, as well as providing a “sink” for anything that becomes too heavy for water to carry.

Now let’s look at the numbers again: the three resource cards (and what an apt name for these cards it turned out to be!) add up to 8. Strength. Strength from without, strength from within, strength displayed for the world to see (which is totally different from a display of power, mind you.)

The final two cards total 10, the same as the 2 opening cards. The Wheel turns of its own accord, it’s true, but we also have some measure of control as to which direction and just how far it turns one-way-or-another in our personal lives.

I also realised during the course of this reading why I’m enjoying this deck so much: many of the cards are either set in the clouds or contain a large expanse of sky! This gives a light, liberated feeling to even the traditionally “heavier” Pent cards. The overall colouring of the deck is very pleasing too; colourful, without being riotous, and the softened tones add to the experience of lightness. Good job, guys!



3 thoughts on “June 2 Full Moon Reading… Or Not

  1. JJ says:

    I saw you using this and re-checked the deck, but it’s the holes. I know, everybody says that but it is off-putting for me. The art is great though, such colour, such dancing in the clouds!

    However, it’s nice to see you using it with comprehension. Don’t shut it all down again, you only came back. I managed to get a Skelita doll just as you disappeared. See the reverberant influence you have?

    Upon waiting for a new billing date, I order a 100-card deck from the American Museum of Natural History. Mmmmm, that’s a good day. Maybe Skelita is into palaeontology?


    • la Reine de l'Air says:

      Awww ;u; you’re the second person I know of who got a Skelita as a result of my “reverberant influence” (I<3U) – that makes me so happy! That card deck is gorgeous; Skelita is sure to approve (she seems quite the studiously inquisitive sort). The Natural History Museums in Cape Town and Pretoria were two of my favourite places to hang out as a child and I would *beg* to go there as often as possible. I would have gladly spent hours just staring at the mineral exhibits!

      As for the Infinity, the holes, the shape, the art – all are going to be turn-offs for some and that's perfectly fine! What gets me is the people who saw previews of the cards, knew what to expect, and now are complaining about it being gimmicky. Ummm… ? It's a very divisive deck, for sure.


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