Hello Lenny!

I've managed to be a  veritable paragon of self-control when it comes to amassing Lenormands. *shines halo*

I’ve managed to be a veritable paragon of self-control when it comes to amassing Lenormands. *shines halo*

A long time ago – in this very galaxy – I began to compile a series documenting my studying of the Lenormand system. It was slow going, as tarot has always been my #1 focus, and I didn’t get very far. Recently though, it’s been pinging my radar again and I’m encouraged to start fresh with conquering the multi-level challenge of all the Lenormand method entails.

This is largely thanks to coffeandtarot’s #hellolenny “Lenormand for tarot” readers series on tumblr, and the fact that my experience with reading the cards has grown and morphed and I’m still figuring out where and how to proceed next. It’s a bummer, though, that Melissa (creator of the Melissa Lenormand and Sassy Sibyl) seems to have disappeared in the meantime (I hope I’m wrong!) and so have several other of the very informative Lenormand blogs I was following.

How successful will I be this time?? The cards say:

Day of the Dead Lenormand by Edmund Zebrowski; Delphis Chamber, 2012

Day of the Dead Lenormand by Edmund Zebrowski; Delphis Chamber, 2012




12 thoughts on “Hello Lenny!

  1. Pip says:

    That’s what seems to happen to most tarot readers; they go back in to intuition (like Donnaleigh Rose at times) and it makes learning them difficult for those following them. Even Rana George has a billion more interpretations than the original Phillipe Lenormand.

    So I can’t wait to see where you go with these!!! Cuz my Ciro deck is just languishing. ;)


  2. Pip says:

    PS: I have 2 Ciro’s (one is the limited), the Magisches Lenormand, and my homemade deck w/ key words a la Donnaleigh. I keep looking at Under the Roses, and am going to have to buy back the Fairy Tale deck that I’d traded in at work. #youenabler ;)


    • la Reine de l'Air says:

      If I can help your decks to unlanguishify lol then I guess I have a duty to continue forward with this – I will not let you down! :) Interesting to hear that Rana George goes beyond the traditional; I thought she stayed fairly true to the old school Lenny system. I’ve watched a few of DL’s videos, but I find it hard to concentrate on video (in general) for any length of time, which is why I’m largely doing this “on my own” by piecing it together.

      The Ciro deck is very beautiful, but a bit too much for me. I’m really starting to like the more paired down Lenny’s, although Malpertuis decks give me heart cramps of desire!


      • Pip says:

        You are too kind. ;)

        Oh, there are some of the self-published that are stunning, but I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE. Remind me I said that. ;)

        Rana gives the traditional, but then there’s a ton of her own over-the-years associations; I actually traded the book back in because it was too overwhelming.


  3. Pip says:

    Ooooh…it looks like you will be posting the same things here! YAY! Cuz then I can dump the ever-annoying Tumblr. ;) I wouldn’t mind if I could reply to replies, but you can’t, and what the heck is the point of that?? So I’ll catch you here and on Instagram, chica!


    • la Reine de l'Air says:

      Tumblr is my dumping ground for all the bits ‘n’ bobs, this s the place where the serious stuff happens! :D Tumblr is “easier” to manage because mostly I reblog, so I can queue up posts for every day. It’s still a fair amount of work filtering through everything and adding comments etc, but I save the original content for /my/ blog.

      Instagram is for the pretty pretty pictures, challenges, occasional personal stuff, so that people who follow the blog aren’t overwhelmed by stuff they might not be interested in. Twitter basically just catches my IG posts because I canNOT keep up with even the bare minimum of a twitter feed!


  4. Pip says:

    Update: I pulled cards at work using the Fairy Tale Oracle (haven’t bought it back yet), and bam; clear as a bell. When I got home I pulled the same cards using the Magishces deck and I knew right off that I wouldn’t have gotten the same message. It’s the words: words fuel my intuition, not images. Which is why I have such difficulty with tarot. Except for the Osho.



  5. hersixthcircle says:

    LOL Yes! I feel like this draw is definitely a good sign, considering your history with Death & stuff. Lenormand cards always draw my attention, but at the same time I’m very intimidated by learning a whole new system (that seems rather complex). I’ll definitely be watching your progress, but no idea if/when I’ll dip my toes in the Lenny pool. D:


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