To Infinity and Beyond!

Infinity Tarot by Pierluca Zizzi & Severino Baraldi; Lo Scarabeo, 2015

Infinity Tarot by Pierluca Zizzi & Severino Baraldi; Lo Scarabeo, 2015

I pre-orderd the Infinity Tarot about 3 seconds after Lo Scarabeo released images of it on their Facebook. Then I proceeded to do a lot of pouting as people started posting pictures of their decks and mine wasn’t even shipped yet (thanks, Amazon)! But joy of joys, it finally arrived last week and O. M. G. This deck.

It’s so much more than I even expected. I knew from the previews that the art was a little different, but it’s got a 70s/80s fairytale/fantasy game guide thing happening that is both terrible and fucking fantastic I ADORE it!** I’m using it for Daily Draws this week if you want to see more cards, or keep reading to see what this marvel has to say for itself, as I use my favourite deck interview spread to learn all about it!

Deck Interview with the Infinity Tarot

Infinity Tarot by Pierluca Zizzi & Severino Baraldi; Lo Scarabeo, 2015

Infinity Tarot by Pierluca Zizzi & Severino Baraldi; Lo Scarabeo, 2015

[1] Hello; thank you for joining me:
Queen of Wands

From one Queen to another, I greet you as equals. If You would like to turn to page 10 in my LWB you will see my mission statement quite clearly laid out: “We must consolidate the sense of friendship and amiability. Only then will they give dignity to us and to those we love. The feminine must be in sync with magnetism, but not with seduction.

What I’m trying to say, my dear Swords, is hoes before bros. Now are you ready to slay?

[2] Please describe yourself in a nutshell:
10 of Cups

It is inherent to my nature to be able to look at things from up or down and make sense of both. Some may say my view is idealistic, but I say, dream a little. Happiness and a sense of inner fulfilment is not something that can be explained rationally – so why seek it in such an unimaginative manner?

[3] What is your preferred style/type of tarot reading?
XVIII The Moon

I definitely advise putting my skills to good use by using me to delve into the stories you tell yourself, and discover which are mere illusions and which can be brought to life in the daylight. I’ll never tell you exactly what to do, but I’ll leave you enough suggestions and clues to find your way through the darkness. Be like my Moon and trust your inner vision to guide you.

[4] And what do you absolutely have no time for?
5 of Pentacles

If you come seeking guidance and fail to take advantage of the riches I offer so freely, then that is your choice. Fortunes rise and fall; it is of little consequence to me. I have no time for those who are poor in spirit.

[5] What important trait of yours isn’t immediately obvious?
8 of Swords

Much like yourself, I am not above dropping fools into a misery of their own making. Do not think to cling to me for support – my dreamlike images can just as soon turn to nightmares. The road to attaining inner wisdom includes painful lessons, and I do not hesitate to teach them.

[6] How can a reader – myself, specifically – work with you most effectively?
King of Cups

Support yourself; true strength comes from within. There’s a reason I’ve been dealing this card to you repeatedly this week! I am here to help you think creatively, to break out of negative loops and create positive ones to replace them. Take your intuition to new heights and use it to bridge the gap between what you know and what you feel.

[7] What do you offer in return?
3 of Cups

Well, it doesn’t have to be all business all the time; there’ll be plenty of opportunity for a little devilish merriment and celebration in between getting things done. Nothing like a little liquid fortitude to help along the path to emotional enlightenment, ‘ey? ;)

[8] Anything you’d like to add in closing?
IX The Hermit

To all the haters: Yes, I’m different; my light is my own. I don’t fux with the poison you’re spitting, so follow my finger and git!

There you have it – the Lady has spoken! And trust me, this is only an ounce of the sass she is capable of. (What is it with me and sassy decks anyway? It’s almost as if I’m part of the problem…) We’ll be hearing more from her in the future for sure – she’s not going to retire peacefully ;D

** My insta-love for this deck is such that I installed a printer so I could scan the cards. Have you tried to install a printer lately? It should not be such a Herculean undertaking in 20-fucking-15!! I’ve also made it a sweetass mixtape. Decks love sweetass mixtapes.



3 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond!

  1. Mike says:

    Interesting tarot spread that you got here, the deck seems us happy each time we opened it, isn’t it? After Marco Polo and White Cats Tarot this is my favorite deck from Severino Baraldi and Pierluca Zizi as the illustrators


    • la Reine de l'Air says:

      I hadn’t made the connection between the artwork and those two decks having the same illustrator! It seems like the art has been taken to a whole new level with this deck and I’m loving it :)


  2. hersixthcircle says:

    Oof, oof, oof… I seriously, man… I remember you geeking out about it, and I checked it and was really uncertain. But now I’m seeing it in all your instagram shots and bloggery and I WANT I NEED OMG GIVE ME THIS DECK.


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