Should I Do The Thing? Reading

So this was the reading I got from the Should I Do The Thing? spread from Friday. I used the Dreaming Way Tarot as it was both the deck I was working with a week ago, and it was giving me such amazingly clear readings that I knew I could trust it to deliver on this one as well!

I interpreted the positions initially in a “first-response” format, going back afterwards to add additional thoughts. You will see in the reading that the cards aren’t read exactly in order and an extra Card 7 might need to be drawn, depending on the combination of Cards 1 and 6.


Dream Enchantress Tarot by Rome Choi and Kwon Shina; U.S. Games Inc, 2012

Dream Enchantress Tarot by Rome Choi and Kwon Shina; U.S. Games Inc, 2012


[2] How will The Thing benefit me? 1 The Magician

Add another tool to your belt, potentially rounding out your current set.

I went through a period when I kept drawing The Magician whenever I asked my guide variations on the question, “Who am I? Who am I supposed to be?” Often he would appear together with the High Priestess. Paying attention to patterns and repeating cards is part of how I interpret the tarot, always making sure to keep a check on ego and seeing what I want to see (paging the Queen of Swords!), so having The Magician crop up here like this is significant. It seems to be a piece in the larger whatever-it-is I’m building.

I especially like the implications of the Magician’s function/job when tied to what The Thing is *sekrits* (spoiler: revealed down below): As Above. So Below. The Hierophant Force is strong with me; it is my job to be a bridge between those realms. And wouldn’t you know it, the Hierophant is a priest…

[3] What potential drawbacks are there in pursuing The Thing? 3 of Cups

You’ll have to deal with people in a social setting, and you know how you feel about that…

The Thing, by its nature,  would involve celebrations – lots of celebrations! I’m good at public speaking, but only if I have a script prepared. Off-the-cuff conversation and socialising = varying degrees of discomfort and awkwardness. (I know, I know, it’s hard to believe this erudite, well-spoken, not inappropriate at all ever individual speaking to you now could ever be anything but devastatingly charming and disarmingly charismatic in person, but there it is.)

[4] How will pursuing The Thing benefit others? 2 of Cups

This ties in directly with what the Thing is! Like, this is legit part of the actual description of the job.

[5] What do I need to consider about The Thing? Page of Pentacles

You’ll need to learn new things, which you admittedly love, but is this the only reason you’re thinking of pursuing this?

I am a scanner, a multipotentialite, burdened with many interests. But I’m not just interested in things, I’m fascinated by them, and the less I know about something, the more irresistible it is. The Thing, itself, is free to obtain, so where’s the drawback? Due to the nature of The Thing though, it is very important that I examine my motives and whether they are coming from a place of true desire to do The Thing, or if it’s just another notch in my bedpost, baby.

Visually, this card says a lot about the situation. The Page is reading, while carrying a coin under her arm. It does seem like she is more interested in her book, rather than in doing anything with the wealth she has acquired.

[1] Should I do The Thing? 10 of Wands
(This card is only turned after cards 2-5 are read)

If you think you can handle the responsibility of it. Are your hands big enough to pick up another stick without dropping the rest?

This card is very open to interpretation as a “yes” or “not”, so I’m going with it as a tentative affirmative – “Hey, it’s up to you, lady” – and turning the next card to learn more.

[6] Is pursuing The Thing through The Place the right choice? 5 of Wands
(This card is only turned after a positive answer from Card 1)

Hoe don’t do it. This is where that 3 of Cups will lead you.

The central figure in this card looks totally overwhelmed by the noise and raucous behaviour going on around them. Too many voices shouting all at once, conflicting ideas, arguments – the Lord of Strife. Paired with the Lord of Ruin 10W, this seems like a definite “avoid at all costs” situation.

[7] Well, how then? Queen of Wands
(This was an extra card drawn after a seemingly positive answer from Card 1 and a negative one from Card 6)

Do it yourself – ? Find a different Place to do the Thing – ? Hell if I know.

The line of Wands cards directly down the centre make me think this might start out as more of a “creative interest” pursuit (#7,593) of mine, with the potential for developing into something more work-related if I chose. The Queen of Wands’ posture especially catches my eye – she seems to be considering whether this is a good idea or not, and who can blame her? Being caught between the 5W and 10W is hardly a relaxing place to be!

Look at the repeating black and white patterns in the two Cups cards, and how they tie in with the pattern in the Queen of Wands’ dress. She looks at the 2 of Cups, but turns her back on the 3, considering whether the happiness in the 2C is worth the ceremony in the 3C. The final judgement on the overall query of The Thing, then, seems to be to give it further consideration.

[Quint] Overall message 21 The World

DO THE THING. It will allow The magician to use all his tools, all at once.


But what is The Thing?” you might be wondering. It is this. I dunno. Don’t ask me where these ideas come from! I’m just a 100% willing and compliant victim to the cosmic winds that blow these whims in my general direction. That’s how I got my Reiki Master III and basically how I emigrated halfway ’round the world. My gut hasn’t led me wrong yet.

You can see why Card 4 – 2C – is such a direct answer then: I could literally marry people!

OH SHIT LIGHTBULB MOMENT! Okay okay hold up.So. SO. I just noticed the positioning of the figures in the 3 of Cups and how it mimics the Hierophant with his two kneeled acolytes. The 3C people are even wearing headdresses! What’s the potential drawback? Being seen as an authority figure, as a leader, or even – gods forbid – as being “higher than”. This is not my aim at all. I break out in hives at the thought of being viewed as a figurehead; the responsibility of it *shudder* And that’s where the 10 of Wands comes in!

The Magician could take it or leave it; he has many tools and many ways of getting his jollies. The Page is in it for the exploration of a new part of life. It’s that cross of Cups and Wands, fire and water, desire and emotion, that’s the problem. Can I just point out the numerology here too? The Cups add up to 5 – The Hierophant! – but the Wands add up to 15 – The Devil. There is a warning of corruption (of the ideal, of what I think this will allow me to do) and bondage (my old pal “rules & regulations”).

Despite the go ahead from the World, this seems to be a musing that requires a lot more musing upon!



2 thoughts on “Should I Do The Thing? Reading

  1. SotoTarot says:

    Dee–I tried this spread on my wife’s new job at a new local grocery store. They are opening in 2 more days and there is a lot of training going on and tempers flaring. She asked if how she handled her supervisor in her dept yelling at her for no reason was the correct response (she walked away quietly). The long of the short was this spread should that it was a blessing for our family (our 10 of Cups family house came up in my deck as a benefit), it was still a beginning so that’s why tempers with Grand Opening and all (Ace of Pentacles), and the 2 and 3 of Swords across as drawbacks (the arguing and strife) should be handled with the King of Cups (my Dr. Iceman Cool Emotions!). Also we got a jumper of the 7 of Cups (Rx) which showed a pinpoint arrow to reality and the Wheel of Fortune as a right place. All in all…it made my wife feel better and more sure of her future handling of this matter for the next few days/weeks until things calm down a bit. **I will DEFINITELY BE USING THIS MORE IN THE FUTURE, MY FRIEND!! Thank you ~Eric


    • la Reine de l'Air says:

      *all of the thumbs up* It’s always good to hear that a spread works well for other people! Hopefully things have settled down a bit now and the swords have been packed away in favour of some nice, soothing cups and pents :)


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