Divine Poetry Tarot Challenge

Divine Poetry is another tarot-based writing prompt challenge on tumblr that I am slowly picking away at. Black Lily has been posting a new type of poem for every day in May, accompanied by a question or prompt. The task then is to draw a tarot card and use that as inspiration to answer the prompt and turn it into a poem!

I don’t consider myself a poet (as you will see below…), but it has been a very enjoyable exercise in creative thinking and using my words in a different way. Even though I’ve only completed a few of the days, all the rest are saved – along with my cards drawn for them – to be finished as I find the time.

Black Lily already has the next challenge all lined up: Summer of Stories! There are so many amazingly creative things happening in the divination community, it’s hard to keep up with all the inspiration and ideas!


When it came to choosing a deck for the Divine Poetry Challenge, I simply grabbed the first one at hand. This happened to be the Dream Enchantress Tarot, as I was planning on making her next in line for a good border trimming. When will I learn that things done in jest always come back to bite me squarely in the butt?

This deck is schooling me, hard. She is so sassy, but so right, I can’t even be mad about it!


Day 1 Query is: Who am I? – Queen of Pentacles (acrostic)

(I couldn’t make this one work until I tried it in Afrikaans, my second language that I haven’t spoken in 14 years! I’ve always loved Afrikaans poetry; there’s something to the sounds and the meter of the words that is deeply poetic, but deeply authentic at the same time.)

rooi die hart
en rooi die bloed van vuur
in are wat brand, en
nou bekyk sy haar
egte self:

die spieël wys rooi begeertes
en rooi bloed van vuur, soekend aan die

lank vergete passie van
are wat brand
in ‘n hart van


red the heart
and red the blood of fire
in veins that burn, and
now she beholds her
true self:

the mirror shows red desires
and red blood of fire, searching for the

long-forgotten passions of
veins that burn
in a heart of



Day 2 Query is: How am I most comfortable? – Queen of Wands (Haiku)

sitting in a tree
– this deck is fucking with me –
stretching those psoas



Day 6 Query is: Why should I love myself? – Queen of Pentacles (Tanka)

(I love that the answer to this query is the same card as Day 1’s “Who am I?” Aww, thanks you guys.)

                 so what you’re saying
is that i should love myself
for who i am, hey?
and people say that you’re just
cardboard and ink, nothing more.

                                            red ii



Day 11 (Found POem)

(These were killer! I really struggled, but managed to force a few words into compliance. There were 3 queries, 3 cards and 3 different found source. The article for the last poem was on an Olympic swimmer – a perfect pairing with the Queen of Cups, but not such a great source for picking a poem out of! I thought I’d try another article, but when the Synchronicity Behind the Scenes handed me a stub article on wasps instead, I realised I should just be happy with what I got!)


Query 1 is: How do people judge me? – The Hierophant

Source book: “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” – Ransom Riggs

i others judge her as she judges herself

I began to wonder if I’d given up too easily.
My friends were standing in the doorway, waiting for me.


Query 2 is: What feelings do I follow? – King of Pentacles

Source tumblr: blacklilydivination

ii i keep my feelings at arm’s length

           i maybe kinda sorta had too much to drink
i feel like I’m getting lazier and lazier with each day;
there is so much to do.
why is it snowing on the day I have to go out?
i have so much to do that this isn’t the right time.
* * * *
i know this will sound like I am over reacting, but
i am really afraid of mirrors.
and i shouldn’t care but
i’m NEVER trusting her again

       happy fucking birthday to me.


Query 3 is: Where does my wisdom come from? – Queen of Cups

Source article: Alex Bauman

iii her wisdom is her own

in training,
the process:
poor results prompted much criticism;
individual events retired before

resigned, waving a flag,
[s]he continues where [s]he left off.



Day 13 Query is: Where is my journey headed? – 9 of Wands (Quatrain)

(Instructions included having to include a dash)

The journey’s far from over,
now comes time to – briefly – rest.
Although you feel you’re beaten,
there’s fight left in you yet!



Day 14 Query is: What do I mask from others? – Ace of Pentacles (Tercet)

no one will know my secret heart,
or of the dreams I wish to plant;
wearing a mask is my greatest art.


Marks will be awarded for participation

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