World Tarot (and Towel) Day 2015

Happy World Tarot Day to all my fellow tarotistes, and World Towel Day to lovers of Douglas Adams! For those of you who happen to be both, continue to be the most excellently hoopy froods you are ;)

It is an especially happy day for me, as I re-open this blog. I have missed the tarot community – both the small one I was personally a part of, and the larger one I shared in. I’ve missed learning from other readers – experts and newbies alike! -, supporting my tarot family through the good, the bad and the weird, discovering new decks to covet madly, and laughing (and cursing) over the magical experience that is tarot.

More than anything, I have missed sharing my passionate love for those little printed bastards.

I’ve spent the last three months revamping this place and, while there’s still some gentle tweaking going on, all the important parts are settled and I am so ready to continue this adventure!

a rare sighting of the wild tarotista in her natural habitat

a rare sighting of the wild tarotista in her natural habitat

As for what the future holds, I asked the Dreaming Way and got the Page of Wands – a very accurate prediction as it stands: the drive, the passion, the desire for creative expression and willingness to forge straight ahead, even if the details aren’t quite sorted yet. She looks back and asks, “Are you coming?”

So from the PgW and I, please consider this your not-so-formal invitation to join me on my journey!



5 thoughts on “World Tarot (and Towel) Day 2015

    • la Reine de l'Air says:

      *confetti* Congratulations on being the first commenter at the new place, Eric! I truly appreciate the support and community you are helping me build. You have won a 3-card reading as a little “thank you” :) Please use the contact form to submit your query and I will deliver something rock-paper-scissor-y (??) – shall I use the Hello Kitty? ;)


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