#Tarotpocalypse Challenge Completed!

And no one is more shocked than me! Even more of a surprise: I WON!

I started the challenge because it looked interesting and I wanted to see if I could stick to doing something for a whole month (I have a very bad history with challenges; 3 days is my personal “best”). It was also an opportunity to get to know the Prisma Visions Tarot – which I had just received before #Tarotpocalypse began – and try my hand at using the tarot as a method of developing a story concept.

What I didn’t expect was how unbelievably well the Prisma Visions performed as a story-telling deck. Seriously, unbelievably. Not just the cards that I drew for the individual spreads, but the way they cross-referenced each other across days and the very clear character development that took place. What started as something of a joke, turned into a very usable basic story outline, even if our heroine is something of a post-apocalyptic YA trope – nobody’s perfect ;)

The joy of this method is that you can play it as seriously or as comically as you like, apply the interpretations to any time period, or even allow the deck itself to dictate the world-building. The background world and characters of the Sweet Twilight offers a completely different set of parameters to the Thoth, which is in turn a universe away from the Fantastic Menagerie. And think of the possibilities if you were to use different decks to portray different factions, or even individual characters? My mind is reeling!

If you’ve ever wondered about using the tarot as a story-telling tool, or even just as a writing prompt, I highly recommend you stop wondering and start consulting your cards!

All of my #Tarotpocalypse posts – including the daily challenges and accompanying chapter – can be viewed here.


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