Second Public Reading Experience

After my first surprise shot at reading in public, this one was both easier and more intimidating. I went into it confident I could perform, but also intimidated because I knew I would be seeing a lot of the same faces. What if one of them confronted me on something I was horribly, horribly wrong on?? But my fears were for nothing – as usual, when will I learn – and the readings I did went even better than last time. Of course I used the mini Hanson Roberts again!

Prior to the event I had a private appointment booked, which went very well. They tipped me (!) and then paid me in advance (!!) for a more in-depth email reading! I honestly didn’t even know what to say, except “OMG thank you”. Always suave and totally cool, calm & collected, me.

My actual 4-hour reading session was for booked appointments this time, in 15-minute slots again. Still, there was a steady stream of people asking for walk-in readings, which I was able to accommodate here and there. I brought a couple of scarves to use a table/spreadcloth, as well as the large quartz “crystal” ball I won in a giveaway on tumblr. I don’t do much in the way of working with crystals, but I figured it couldn’t hurt re: grounding and dispersing energy (plus it looks cool *cred*).

Stand-out moments from this experience include:

    • Being tipped by one of my other appointments; this wasn’t just unexpected, but very unusual, given the factors surrounding this event. I did make them cry – in a good way – so maybe that’s the key? :)
    • Seeing an unfortunate event predicted for someone I really like. the reading started out as a joke, but the first card was a slap in the face. I read again, this time more seriously, but the cards said the same thing. I hope I am wrong.
    • Reading for a couple – not sure if they were siblings or romantic – and getting stunned feedback as to how accurate I was. One of the things I do is not look at the querent while I’m getting my first “rush” of impressions. When I looked up, one had the oddest look on their face and I thought, “Here we go, I’m totally off the mark,” but they simply couldn’t believe I had managed to pull all that from the cards. Turned out they had never had a reading before, didn’t quite believe in it and were there as a “whatever”.The strangest thing for me is that I kept being drawn to them, although I was reading for the other person. I don’t claim to be clairvoyant or a medium, but there was a “light” around this person. I told them basically, “look, take this as you will, but here’s the deal as I see it.” They confirmed that it fit what they have always felt in their lives. Go tarot!



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