Surprise Public Reading! *gulp*

Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck by Mary Hanson-Roberts; U.S. Games Inc, 1985

Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck by Mary Hanson-Roberts; U.S. Games Inc, 1985 – pictured with its hot pink repurposed pill-case home and kimono fabric spreadcloth

Big forward leap in my development as a tarot reader yesterday, something I’ve been unconsciously waiting for for a long time: I did my first public readings! For strangers!

We held a semi-annual event at work yesterday and had a psychic booked as one of the “attractions”. They were unable to attend due to a last-minute emergency, leaving us with a gap and several potentially disappointed attendees. I happened to have the mini Hanson Roberts in my locker, so several deep breaths and a stomach full of angry butterflies later, there I was.


For strangers.

In public.

It happened so quickly, I didn’t even really have time to let my nerves get the best of me. It’s not even that I doubt my abilities, it’s that I am sooo hung up on not disappointing anyone (ever). I read back-to-back for 4 hours, roughly one reading every 15 minutes – the sheer rush kept me going, and that little deck performed like a champ! It’s perfect for public readings for both its size and the non-threatening (for the most part!) images on the cards.

I designed spreads on the fly, depending on the questions I was asked; many of them were for short term vs long term potential. Most people got two readings and some even got three; I followed my intuition on that score. The two problems I  encountered were in reading for minors – which I had expressly forbidden, but /people/, and I only found out during the course of the readings that the subject was a minor – and what to do when the cards showed me nothing but bad news. I had to use a lot of creative wording in getting around that one.

Seeing as I will probably be reading at our next event in November, I’ll have to give some thought to what I will and won’t bend on when it comes to readings. Before each reading I did this time, I stated that it was for entertainment purposes only and that I could not give legal, financial or medical advice. I also rephrased any questions regarding third-parties-not-present to focus on the querent and their actions instead. I made it very clear that I was not reading a set future, but for potential results if the current course of action was continued.

All in all, it was an incredibly positive experience and I am still processing it the full impact of it. Definitely looking forward to doing it again!



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