Soul Gifts

While doodling around the internet looking for new angles on colour for my [defunct project], I came across the website of Anna Sayce at Psychic but Sane. One of her posts on how personality flaws point to soul gifts caught my eye, and from there, the original post on soul gifts.

I got that undeniable feeling that I needed to do a reading on this subject, so I ran upstairs to get the Goddess Oracle and put together a simple spread that felt “right”. I figure 3 is a good number of core soul gifts to assume, whether they are expressed to their full potential or as flaws. There are probably also additional gifts-in-waiting – or aspects of the core group – that need work. In addition, there is no doubt something that we wish we had, but don’t, but can’t help obsessing over because it is in our nature to do so.

This spread should hopefully shed light on strengths and weaknesses – known or unknown (acknowledged or denied) – as long as you can be honest with yourself.


Goddess Oracle by Thalia Took

Goddess Oracle by Thalia Took

Top row: 3 Core Soul Gifts (active – strong) Chalchiuhtlicue – Laverna – Hel

Troll-lol-lol-lol-LOL, Laverna. I wondered if She would show up here and She obviously didn’t want to disappoint me!

So we have a super watery goddess, one Who is tricksy and undefinable (is She a head? is She a body? WHO KNOWS?) and another Who exists in two states at once (though She aligns with one over the other). These three have a certain adaptability and fluidity in common. For many months I’ve been feeling that the liminal is not just something that I am drawn to, but that is actually important. Somehow. I still haven’t figured out the details, but this trio make me think that perhaps I’m not completely full of shit.

Seeing a goddess of oceans and rivers is hardly surprising, but it is also reassuring. It means what I feel for the Ocean as a Power is authentic, besides all the properties that water embodies. The negative expression of this would be a lack of structure and definition and inability to “settle” into a stable form.

And Laverna reminds me that the ability to cleverly manipulate, trick, and twist things isn’t a negative quality in and of itself; it’s how you choose to use it.

Whenever I think of Hel, I think, “objective”. Unswayed. Unswayable. She is what She is and doesn’t deviate from that; nor does She make apologies for it. Hel is a symbol for doing your job and doing it well. She accepts all into Her realm, acting as judge when they arrive, and offering protection to those souls deserving of it. I think She must be very lonely sometimes. There is a danger of becoming too objectively detached – or too involved – when constantly walking the line between two states.


Middle row: Supporting Soul Gift (active – needs development) Sol
& Unexpressed Soul Gift (inactive – weak) Lilith

2 points of immediate interest here:

– I just started my month-long “meditation” on yellow, and what is a more known symbol of yellow’s power than the sun?

– A card of Light and Life and a card of Dark and Death, one coming into expression and the other yet to find its strength. These two next to each other are a visual break-down of Hel. If these 3 cards are related to each other, then it would seem I currently possess the ability to blend the two sides, but the two sides themselves are still coming to fullness.

Better get in touch with my “dark side” (some would argue I’m pretty damn in touch enough as it is. FOOLS!)


Bottom row: N/A Soul Gift (don’t waste energy) Kamrusepas

As a card of healing and kindness, this one reminds me of the first reading I did with the Goddess Oracle too. We decided in the comments that the answer of Green Tara as a negative quality could point to wanting to fix things that aren’t mine to fix. Funny that I have such an urge to heal… maybe it’s something else and the only way I can interpret it currently is as “healing”.

Something about untangling… I know I’m gifted at untangling things, so it’s not just that. Maybe untangling in combination with healing? Trying to solve other people’s problems – ?

Kamrusepas might also suggest that “magic” isn’t one of my gifts; it would explain why I have such a hard time harnessing both the desire and the focus, despite being interested (on an intellectual level).
I think it could be fun to expand further on this basic spread, pulling additional cards – using a tarot deck or different oracle – to get a more in-depth look at each of the gifts eg. How do I positively express this gift? How does it present as a flaw? How can I strengthen this gift? etc.


I expect to see everybody’s homework on Monday ;)

12 thoughts on “Soul Gifts

  1. hersixthcircle says:

    Okay, I love this and I think it is exactly what I have been searching for lately. I’ve been feeling kinda lost but didn’t know exactly how to find my way. I’ve had my eye on your “share your passion” spread from a while back, but for some reason I’ve had the feeling that now isn’t the right time for me to go there. This, however, seems exactly what I need to do. Thank you.


    • submerina says:

      Excellent! You have no idea the satisfaction I feel when something I post is helpful to someone else – it feels like I’m performing a public service or something :) Now that you’ve done your own, maybe you’ll be able to process the passion spread a bit more effectively.


  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Water has always been like a spiritual umbilical cord for me. Nothing grounds and centers me more than time at the beach. I ‘run home to mother’ whenever I feel shaken. The ocean is definitely a ‘power’.


  3. BlackSphinx says:

    What a synchronous spread – I did one yesterday that had a pair of positions that were passive and active parts of your spiritual practice/mindset. This spread seems really interesting, but trying to pick one of my numerous decks is going to be hard! XD;

    (For Kamrusepas – I had never heard of her before and the first thing I thought when I looked at her card was priestess/queen, and some people’s paths lead them to becoming a divine queen ruling over their land or the priestess of a god/dess. When I looked up people talking about her, several mentioned agriculture and motherhood/mothering. Just some food for thought.)


    • submerina says:

      I’m so glad this spread is proving useful to other people :) Do you blog your readings anywhere? The active-passive spread sounds interesting!

      Thank you SO much for the additional info on Kamrusepas – it’s totally appropriate. I’m not a mother, don’t plan on being one and have never once felt the desire to be!


  4. Aj / Melia says:

    OK so I finally gave this a whirl but it seemed to fall out differently. Cards 1-3 seemed to be where I’m at now (Acclaim (as in I do better if I receive encouragement), Tavern (as in being out of place/out of my element/feeling like the odd man out) and Disaster (as in being a pessimist)). Cards 4 & 5 seem to be areas I need to work on (Stork – working quietly/without acknowledgement and Wheel (going with the flow). Card 6 seems to be a “don’t go there” (Satiety – being fed up/resting on laurels).


    • submerina says:

      No, you didn’t miss anything – it isn’t available for purchase (YET?). I have a copy because I’m a very special and dedicated stalker *ahem* friend of Thalia’s. Sorry :(


        • submerina says:

          Not yet, but maybe, if we’re good and we eat all our vegetables ;) I’m interested to hear how you experience Kamrusepas – to further my own understanding of Her -, so feel free to leave a comment here if you ever feel like sharing!


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