New Moon Reading: March 2013

Tonight I felt like doing a reading, though there’s nothing pressing I need to look into. Then I realised that it’s the New Moon tonight, so the question of what to read on solved itself quite neatly. As for the deck, I chose to give the Steampunk Tarot a whirl (it’s first trip out since the deck interview). Right off the bat I decided I wouldn’t project onto the deck, though it has a rep. for being snarky; I would go in expecting nothing but a good reading and see what happened.

I think the deck could sense I was in no mood for ‘tude and maybe even doffed its top hat at me for calling its bluff, because what I got was a rather neutral, no nonsense response. I doubt the deck will ever match the Book of Shadows in unabashed enthusiasm – too many corsets and filly underpinnings -, but we can probably work out something mutually beneficial.


Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore & Aly Fell; Llewlleyn, 2012

Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore & Aly Fell; Llewlleyn, 2012

[1] Where I am now (March 11) – 4 of Swords
[2] Week leading up to First Quarter (March 19) – 10 of Cups
[3] Week leading up to Full Moon (March 27) – 10 of Wands
[4] Week leading up to Last Quarter (April 2) – Page of Pentacles
[5] Week leading up to New Moon (April 10) – 0 The Fool

I wondered if all elements would be represented in the reading again, and there they are. I take it to mean that my life is fairly balanced right now; that no area requires more attention than another. Perhaps even that there’s nothing in particular I should be doing – just let it proceed as it’s going to.

The 4S supports the idea of a time-out, of knowing when to let it (and yourself) rest. It brings to mind the concept of being “exactly where you need to be”. It isn’t a permanent stasis, as the hourglass & swords controption makes clear. When the time is up, the swords will be on the move again.

The 10C is a promising card – the bells are ringing, the sun is shining, I’ve got my best guy by my side… Something to remember about this card is that it is the 10; the happy scene depicted didn’t happen overnight. It took work; the entire suit of Cups – with its highs and lows – had to be navigated, integrated, overcome to get to this point. It reminds me very much of where The Man and I are now, after a decade of hell. Hopefully things only keep getting better because the gods know, we damn well deserve it.

The 27th of March is a day of personal significance too.

The 10S is another card that speaks of goals hard won, and having far to go before the journey’s end. This version of the card isn’t as oppressive as most: the woman isn’t bent over under the weight of her “burden”. I really like how unafraid and uncowed she is, standing tall and strong. She wears bright flowers on her helmet and her staff is a light that shines brightly in the darkness. Tarot cards flutter in the wind around her skirts. This is a card of seeing what’s around you and how you got here; being aware of actions and consequences and putting your big girl panties on.

The Page of Pentacles is dressed for snow – I wonder if we’ll get one of our lovely late winter snowfalls this week. As long as it doesn’t delay my flight to Gothmother’s house, it’s all good!

This Page is standing between heavy red curtains, and the way they darken and blend into the snow at the hem makes them look like tree trunks. It’s as if she stand at a liminal place, or perhaps she’s on bivvy and it’s just a really fancy tent. Aah, the guidebook says this Page is an adventurer. So, she stands prepared, at the doorway, ready to test her carefully acquired theoretical knowledge (of everything) in the world outside of the safe, luxurious confines of her young life so far.

And finally the Fool returns to gently mock me (it’s okay – if it didn’t show up, I’d be a little hurt). This Fool stands on the rooftops, with a view of the city that few get to share. He has a unique perspective that allows him to make long range decisions that seem foolish to the more “grounded” citizens. The Fool usually denotes a new beginning of some sort, so perhaps the time of the 4S is drawing to a close.

What new adventure awaits?

2 thoughts on “New Moon Reading: March 2013

  1. hersixthcircle says:

    I don’t have much to say other than I love the way you’re displaying your spreads now! I mean, you know it stands to follow that I’m going to start doing something similar. I’ve done it in the past a few times, but mine never looked as good as yours!


    • submerina says:

      LOL – Knowing that you will notice the little design details is a much-appreciated constant in my life :D

      I’m trying to make this more of a website, not just a blog; trying to make it a resource, and a good-looking one at that (hence the restructuring, adding of pages etc.) I’ve seen sites where each spread has a different background and I really like that, but something in keeping with the sea theme is more appropriate here. Through pure coincidence, the spread background landed up coordinating almost exactly with the blog background colour!

      (And please, knock yo’self out. Can’t wait to see where you go with it.)


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