Full Moon Reading – Feb. 2013

Do you ever get the feeling that you simply must do a reading – even though there’s nothing you especially want to read on – and no matter how much you try to think the urge away, it just won’t stop pestering you? Last night was like that; I put it down to the coming full moon. When I gave in and grabbed the Goddess Oracle, I let the deck decide on the issue at hand.

Goddess Oracle by Thalia Took

Goddess Oracle by Thalia Took

[Centre] What is the topic? Inanna

Ha! The Creatrix and I were just talking about Inanna and Ishtar – their differences and similarities – since the latter made an appearance in the Passion Spread.

There are several myths surrounding Inanna, the most well known being Her descent into the Underworld to meet her “Dark Self” in Her sister, Ereshkigal. In order to be released from the Underworld She must choose a substitute and offers up Dumuzi, Her husband, who has not mourned Her absence. Thalia adds that the purpose of the journey was for Inanna – a goddess of life – to learn the wisdom of death and rebirth (to better understand the suffering of Her people).

[Top] What is visible (known) about this? Uma

Uma is a symbol of self-sacrifice and denial (stripping away of all extraneous physical trappings) motivated by love and the search for spiritual wisdom, much like Inanna. And, like Inanna, She has both gentle and fiercesome aspects.

What is known is the sacrifice that has been – or must be – made to gain the wisdom that is sought. The light (both Inanna – Venus – and Uma – “Light”) must descend to face the dark and find its way back up again.

[Bottom] What is hidden (unknown)? Hel

Oh really? “Hel” means “to conceal”, ie. to hide. What is hidden is what is hidden. Now isn’t that just the dispassionate kind of answer one would expect from Her?

I have to guess that it is not an accident that the Queen of Hel appears so closely connected to one who has faced Her in some way; or that She is portrayed as a union of life and death. As to what it means – maybe I have yet another journey to make Down Under somewhere along the line.

[Right] What is to come? Ch’ang Ô

Ch’ang Ô is a Chinese goddess who goes from being immortal, to being human, to being immortal again and now lives on the moon, separated from her husband (except for the day of the Full Moon) due to an unfortunate series of events.

Her story echoes the theme of light (immortal) that descends (mortal) and finds the way back up again, even if it doesn’t have a happy ending. The three stories actually have endings that complement each other: Inanna retains Her independence after sacrificing what no longer serves Her, including love; Uma finds Her way back to love that appreciates Her; and Ch’ang Ô is reunited with love, though separated from it.

[Left] What has passed? Sedna

Sedna’s tale is one of undying anger born of ultimate betrayal. Her’s is the victim’s rage that dwells in the deep, buried far below the surface but never forgotten. Like Hel, She is the ruler of the (Inuit) Underworld, but She is not a barren, dispassionate goddess of death. Her anger is fertile – Her severed fingers became the ocean creatures upon which the Inuit depend for survival.

It is good to see Sedna in this position. I take it to mean that a time of darkness is behind me and healing lies ahead.

I’m still not entirely sure what this reading is about, but once again the cards relate to each other so significantly, that I know there is some meaning behind them. I keep being drawn to the bright vitality that is Inanna at the centre of the spread. Then I see the light of Inanna and Ch’ang Ô in contrast to the greyness of Uma and Sedna. And below Them presides Hel, half light, half grey. The elements are all present once again, with Earth (Inanna) holding centre stage. Sedna and Ch’ang Ô are Water and Air respectively, and Uma is Fire in Her incarnation as Satī.

I’m sure I’ll look back on this with a hearty smack-to-the-forehead, but for now it’s a sweet little mystery.

ETA: Used the Book of Shadows to add a little insight (supposedly) –

Innana – Crone of Water
Uma – Elemental of Water
Hel – II Wisdom
Ch’ang Ô – Elemental of Air
Sedna – Elemental of Earth

That’s 4/5 COURT CARDS (Elementals are Pages) with a Major of the Unknown Unknown. Nope. I still don’t get it.

4 thoughts on “Full Moon Reading – Feb. 2013

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    I will have to research Ch’ang O more. The idea of separation is one that has been with me, and colors so much of what I think and do and am, for such a long time. I’m stuck on that now, I can’t even hazard a guess as to what this is about for you. 8-(


  2. Casey Hamilton says:

    There was a time, when the Creatrix was doing her weekly readings, that those readings would be eerily on point, synchronistically so, with the events of my life. Maybe it’s the deck…..


    • submerina says:

      The readings on Amused Grace? Yep, I found that too, to the point where I started feeling like some crazy stalker fan (which, let’s face it, I AM :D) because they were SO on point for me.

      I think it is entirely possible that this reading was not meant for me – I had no need or desire to read, but felt _compelled_ to do a reading, regardless. As well, it really doesn’t make sense to me. So if you can make use of it, please do! (And email me if you want to bounce some ideas around.)


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