Free Will Horoscope for Feb. 21st

Will Brezsny’s weekly Free Will Horoscopes are always unique, but I especially love my horoscope for this week:

Jackalopes resemble jackrabbits, except that they have antlers like deer and tails like pheasants. They love whiskey, only have sex during storms, and can mimic most sounds, even the human voice. The milk of the female has curative properties. Strictly speaking, however, the jackalope doesn’t actually exist. It’s a legendary beast, like the mermaid and unicorn. And yet Wyoming lawmakers have decided to honor it. Early this year they began the process of making it the state’s official mythical creature.

I bring this to your attention, Cancerian, because now would be an excellent time to select your own official mythical creature. The evocative presence of this fantastic fantasy would inspire your imagination to work more freely and playfully, which is just what you need.

Just this afternoon I was reading Summer Knight (Book 4 in The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher) in which there is a wonderful description of a unicorn guardian. Far from being a delicate, prancing, fae creature, it is the size of a cart horse, with a blue-tinged chitinous skin and cloven hooves. Its horn is 3-foot long and spiraled, with serrated edges on the spirals. Both horn and hooves are stained with old blood, because it is a badass and it will trample you just because.

-Unicorn for Boys- by HorseFaceDee

-Unicorn for Boys- by HorseFaceDee

One thought on “Free Will Horoscope for Feb. 21st

  1. hersixthcircle says:

    I have no subscribed to this blog under TWO different emails and I am STILL not getting them. :( Good thing I’ve actually been (sort of) checking my reader lately.

    Also: that unicorn sounds badass. And I wish my horoscope could be so cool!


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