Daily Draw Project @ her sixth circle

My friend K at her sixth circle has done something pretty awesome with her Daily Draw cards, involving charts, graphs and lots of colours. It’s such an ingenious idea that I am seriously, seriously considering taking up Daily Draws for myself (and FOR SCIENCE!) GODAMMIT.

her sixth circle

Okay, look, here’s the deal. I am a huge nerd and I am way too interested in statistics. I love compiling lists and spreadsheets and then collecting statistics from those lists and spreadsheets and then creating pretty-looking charts and graphs with the information. Since I’ve been tracking daily draws on a calendar since late 2011, I thought it would be a cool idea to compile some spreadsheets and charts and stuff, with which to see if any trends appeared. I hope that *someone* out there finds this at least half as interesting and fun as I do!

Collecting and Compiling

In order to make this work, I had to isolate the data from just 2012. I wanted a whole year’s worth of data, with each month of the year being equally represented. (Of course, I realized this *after* I had collected ALL the data, including several months from 2011 and…

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5 thoughts on “Daily Draw Project @ her sixth circle

    • submerina says:

      Well you know I’ll do pretty much anything FOR SCIENCE!! Which is why I know that cilantro-heavy salsa and vanilla ice cream DO NOT GO TOGETHER LIKE RAMA LAMA LAMA KE DING A DE DING A DONG.


        • submerina says:


          If I was atheistically inclined, my entire argument against the notion of a just and loving god would be, “because cilantro.”

          Cilantro is an evil to be avoided at all costs. Nasty, evil, burny, soapy, burny, evil weed.

          But I still like dogs ;)


        • Thalia says:

          Oh okay. PHEW.

          I’ve never really gotten the ‘soap’ thing, myself. To me it tastes like vegetable oil that’s been turned up too high and has burned/scorched in the pan. It’s a really really specific taste/smell that’s so nasty it almost makes me sick just thinking about it.


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