Goddess Oracle – You Trolling?

Goddess Oracle by Thalia Took

Goddess Oracle by Thalia Took

These two cards are from the first reading I ever did with the Goddess Oracle and I am still thrown by them. Was the deck being funny, or am I really that blind to these aspects of myself? Anyway. I asked for cards to show which goddess’ positive aspects and whose negative aspects I am most in touch with.

Positive: Laverna, goddess of thieves.
Negative: Green Tara, boddhisattva of compassion FFS!!

The most I can come up with is that I need to work on the wording, as in I am negatively expressing compassion (not enough). Maybe? Because boddhisttvas sure as shit don’t have negative aspects! That still leaves Laverna though and I can’t seem to spin it any other way. Maybe I’m good at taking what I need from [xyz] – ? A 7 of Swords situation – ?

Maybe the creatrix can weigh-in on on this!


10 thoughts on “Goddess Oracle – You Trolling?

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Maybe you were Robin Hood in a past life. ;) … Maybe Green Tara is challenging you to express your compassion to others more openly. I dunno. Just random thoughts. I never heard of Laverna before, I’ll have to see what I can find out about her.


    • submerina says:

      Ha ha! More like the Sheriff of Rottingham :D

      I used to express my compassion as an act of service, but it got me into a pretty bad place, *energetically-speaking* (gawd). I landed up “bleeding out”, which wouldn’t have been so bad, were most of the people I came into contact with at that time not hungry for blood. I still let that compassion leak out when I feel it’s safe, but for the most part it’s closely guarded.


  2. Casey Hamilton says:

    Perhaps you are stealing back what once was taken from you. I know I’ve been through something along those lines. As for Tara, I suspect that you — like so many of us — need to show yourself compassion first and foremost, and then worry about other people.


    • melittabenu says:

      This is exactly what I was going to say. That Laverna means that you are more crafty and clever than you giver yourself credit for: resourceful, even, like a female Hermes. There may be some darker areas in your psyche for you to examine, and you’ll find some wealth hidden there.

      As Casey said, maybe Tara there is saying look to yourself more, and don’t let others drain you?

      Just my 2 cents. :)


      • submerina says:

        Yes, thank you! Speaking about Laverna’s underworld aspect could mean a willingness to go to “The Dark Places” to find the wealth I want. She is a tricky one – head? or body? – and I’m figuring out a reading based around that.


    • submerina says:

      I didn’t even make the connection to the post I did on Power/anger until this comment. Stealing back something seems very likely! I’m getting better at self-compassion, though I admit there are areas that are still off-limits; even looking into those places brings the raging anxiety on. Baby steps, right?


  3. Thalia says:

    ‘The Creatrix.’ I rather like that title. Muahahahahahaha

    So you are most in touch with Laverna’s positive aspects. If it’s ‘most in touch’ with Hers, out of everyone else’s in the entire deck yeah I’d think it would be a bit more obvious. Most in touch on what level, though?

    Let’s see. Laverna is kind of backwards; offerings to Her were made with the left hand. So right there is a ‘it’s not what you think’. I would say stealing back what is yours, or what has been stolen from you is about right. I’m also thinking of is it the Seven of Swords? The one where the guy’s creeping away from the tents. He looks like a thief, but it’s entirely possible he’s stealing weapons from bad people so they can’t hurt others as they had planned. Something like that. Something that is inherently counter-intuitive.

    What are you stealing in a good way right now?

    And you are most in touch with Green Tara’s negative aspects.

    Well as a cynical New England cranky introvert, part of me says, bodhisattva or no, that she might be a bit on the annoyingly do-good side, or even someone who is so convinced of Her own right or righteousness that She doesn’t give others enough space to figure things out for themselves. A sort of Goody Two Shoes dogma, if that’s a thing? Like She might be the kind to swoop in and try to fix things even if they don’t need fixing.

    That’s just a guess. I do have a fondness for Laverna; She has some Underworld associations and might be one of those with ties to Etruscan stuff (though that could be a rumor, too. Also: this is off the top of my head.)


    • submerina says:

      I’m guessing I’m probably stealing my Power back. Since the confrontation, I haven’t backed down (nor have I made it worse) – I’m holding my head up and behaving appropriately. And who knows what’s next on the list after this? there are an awful lot of things that have gone missing from my life. I’m thinking now that Laverna was a heads-up before I even knew this was happening.

      OH! I just figured out who Laverna reminds me of: Baubo; with the “sometimes a head, sometimes a body” thing. There’s something there at the edge of my understanding that connects them…

      Are you honestly insinuating that I am prone to rushing in to save people? Like, I would just -invite- myself round to someone’s house because I think they need it? NO THAT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE ME AT ALL.



  4. Thalia says:

    Heh heh. Any word on tickets yet? Also: YOU ARE MAKING ME CLEAN

    I’ve gotten all house-proud just at the idea of someone coming over here. (We hermits don’t get visitors much.)

    That sometimes a head Cheshire-cat thing is late (or iffy), right? Is that Leland? Am I remembering that correctly?


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