Egyptian Soul Spread & Reading

I originally designed this spread for an outside reading, and thought it would be a good way to get to know my newest oracle deck. I supposed I should start there, actually; with the deck.

We’re all familiar with the art of Thalia Took, right? Thalia’s (unpublished) World Goddess Oracle is what first introduced me to her work, more than a decade ago, and I’ve been pining for it ever since; there’s just *something* about it that seems genuinely connected. There is plenty of gorgeous deity artwork out there, but – for me – a great deal of it is only that: a pretty picture. To find something that I feel is heavy with Influence is rare.

When I discovered Thalia’s blog a few years ago, I started commenting, especially on her “Goddess of the Week” posts. I forget how it exactly happened, but my internet stalking sharing of mutual experience finally led us to start talking on a “friends” level. She has taught me a lot, and I owe her BIG TIME. When I talk about my Fairy Gothmother, Thalia is the person I’m referring to.

Anyway. Thalia finally got tired of my fangirling (LOL) and handcrafted a Goddess Oracle deck especially for me!

Goddess Oracle by Thalia Took [*clicky*]

Goddess Oracle by Thalia Took

How to explain the impact of such a gift? To finally hold that deck in my hands, knowing it was made by the artist herself, and made as a gesture of friendship – it’s just. yeah. It’s a beautifully constructed deck, too. Cards are perfect size, paper is a lovely lustre finish – not too glossy, not too matte – and backed with purple watercolour stock. The edges are crisp, showing no signs of the cards being bonded, corners are rounded and it shuffles like a  d r e a m. And that’s (another reason) why she’s my Fairy Gothmother!

(For anyone who wants to make their own deck, Thalia has said in the past that she is fine with this – as long as you’re not profiting, of course. Good news is, she has opened a dA account and prints of her goddess and god cards are available through there. Seeing them in hi-res is a whole new way of falling in love.)

So now, the spread. It is loosely based on the Ancient Egyptian concept of the five parts that comprise a soul. The terms are greatly simplified (it’s complicated and full of subtle meaning) for the purposes of the spread so please, no Kemetics jumping down my throat, (though you’re usually a friendly bunch!)


egypt reading

[1] Ib/Metaphysical Heart (Nature) – Vesta
Well that’s pretty much… perfect. I like the pure, uncomplicated nature of Vesta (and Hestia); they just did their thing and didn’t get involved in the godly shenanigans around them. Theirs is a self-contained power that is an expression of elemental force, rather than the embodiment of a human experience. A vital, uncorrupted, burning heart – who would say “no” to that?

2[] Sheut/Shadow (“astral body”-ish) – Sengen
At first I thought this was a really neat balance to Vesta – from deep, earthy fire to the highest, coldest peak – but then I read about Sengen’s connection to an older fire goddess, as well as her three sons, who are also fiery by way of being great-grandsons of Amaterasu (the sun goddess). Sengen pairs beautifully with Vesta as the Shadow – the cold, calm surface that hides a blazing heat.

[3] Ren/True Name (Identity) – Amaterasu
Woah – speak of the sun goddess; look who’s here. I think Amaterasu in this position is very much about (re)discovering my Heart and being sure to live it; to actively express my very centre. Can’t help but note that, without a source of light (eg. the sun), there is no shadow. It really is delightfully subtle and complex.

[4] Ba/Soul (Psyche/Personality) – Coyolxauhqui
Okay cards, you’re starting to creep me out a little with your eerie connections. Here we have a moon goddess to follow a sun goddess. Oh! And bitter sibling rivalry. Oh. That can’t be good for soul parts… A moon goddess for the underworld-travelling psyche is very fitting and her “coolness” balances out the four unique soul parts in this reading. Do you see how these cards interact with each other? The two outer face inward; the centre card looks down and the bottom card looks up. There is unity, even though there is opposition.

[5] Ka/Spirit (Essence) – Kybele
And at the top sits Mamma Kybele. Not a whole lot is known about Her, though the idea that the Greeks found Her a little “icky and weird” makes me smile. Kybele has a fiercely independent energy and always strikes me as Someone With Whom You Do Not Fuck (well…) I see this card as standing outside of the others in the reading; She is older (and wilder), after all. It is interesting to pair a goddess like Kybele with the Ka: the Ka is independent of the other parts and, as “spirit”, undefinable. Kybele has the same unknowable quality. She is certainly strong though and a good card to see here.


Based on this and the other readings I’ve done so far, I think this deck and I are going to be good friends. She has a sense of humour (oh, yes) and isn’t above gentle riddles, but lays it out very clearly when needed. Thank you, Fairy Gothmother!

21 thoughts on “Egyptian Soul Spread & Reading

    • submerina says:

      I’ve had my eye on the Gods & Titans and Goddesses & Sirens oracles, with the mind to combine them into one deck (except they’re “unavailable” to me *pout*). I know the artwork is high fantasy, but I get a lot of energy and power from the cards despite (or maybe because of ha!) the high proportion of boobs & butts.

      Then again, maybe if we (gently) nag Thalia, she’ll figure out a way to complete Gods Oracle ;)


      • Aj / Melia says:

        I have not heard of the Gods and Titans deck. From the tile I had hoped it was all Greek and Roman gods, so a bit disappointed it is not. Nice artwork though. Love the Zeus card. I have Mythic Oracle but while I love the artwork for the most part, it doesn’t call to me. More like Devotional cards than oracle cards.


  1. Thalia says:

    You are welcome. Thank you for the reading; sorry for nagging.

    Wow that’s weird though, seeing someone else read with it. But good. It occurs to me it would be nice to see other people reading with it, too. Isn’t that interesting? I’ve been told lately that this year is when it is time for me ‘to come out into the light.’ Hmmmm…


    • maybefrench says:

      Do it !
      Just do it !

      I’m pretty sure you can’t measure how much success ( and thus pleasure for those having the deck ) you’ll have.


    • submerina says:

      Not “nagging”; “anxious enthusiasm” :) After such a long time of being the only reader, you’re probably sitting there going, “No, no, you’re doing it all wrong *twitch*”

      As for coming out into the light, I think you can see already how that would be welcomed. No pressure ;)


  2. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    I’ve been a fan of Thalia’s art for many years. Her goddess images are so vibrant and often present the goddess in a fresh new way to my eyes. The energy and love in her hand-crafted deck for you will make it fabulous to read with, I’m sure!


    • submerina says:

      I think it has a lot to do with how they are presented on the cards – close up, interestingly cropped, with their elements and stories incorporated into the picture. We see them as actual “people”, rather than a collection of static symbols. They’re _real_, I think that’s it. Of course, it helps that they are executed beautifully!


    • submerina says:

      Do NOT tell me you were hitherto unaware of this. Do NOT. Because then I have failed you as a friend and enabler and I shall have to punish myself severely!


  3. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Wow, those are fantastic cards. I agree about a lot of others that are *just* pretty pictures that leave you cold. These are amazing. I like the spread, too, will have to try that out with one or another of my decks.


    • submerina says:

      I’m still recovering a little from -actually- holding them in -real, live reality-! Yes, I think you should try the spread, maybe with your mister mister? ;)


  4. Lee says:

    Yowza, lucky lucky! I love Thalia’s work and I too have been stalking it for years. Her work holds a resonance and authenticity that a lot of similar artworks lack. I would love for her to release this widely, I would treasure the heck of it and proceed to pimp it hard.


    • submerina says:

      Well with all this positive feedback, maybe Fairy Gothnother will think really long and hard about making it a reality. I’ll even get a second copy!


  5. gefnsdottir says:

    OMGs SO jealous that you have your own Goddess Oracle by Thalia! I have been waiting for YEARS to add one to my collection! (I have a sub-collection of goddess decks within my tarot and oracle collection.)


    • submerina says:

      I know! I almost feel bad even mentioning it – knowing how coveted it is – but the truth would come out eventually :) Are you familiar with the Ancient Feminine Wisdom oracle? It’s all Greek Ladies, but you might enjoy working with it nonetheless. I’ve always found it gives very on-point readings.


      • gefnsdottir says:

        I’ve seen it, TBH I don’t like the art, and I like a more multicultural set of goddesses, problem is I have most of the ones that fit that description already.

        In case Thalia doesn’t see this, tell her that there definitely *is* a market for this deck! Every time a question about goddess cards comes up in the Aeclectic Tarot forums, someone says “So, when’s Thalia Took’s goddess oracle coming out?” and everyone says “I have no idea,” and there is much sadness.

        Now that I think about it, it would be super awesome if she could include the god cards as well. I LOVE her Dionysus!


        • submerina says:

          :D I’ll make sure she knows that the AT crowd have her back, if she wants to pursue it. I’ve seen many decks funded through pre-ordering there, which might be an added incentive *not so subtle nudging*

          And yes, Dionysos *helloooo pretty…*


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