Themes for 2013

Waiting for midnight to roll around, I figured I might as well do a little reading for the new year. I don’t put a lot of stock in the calendar page flipping over, but with the heavy influence of outside collective energy focused on this event there was bound to be something in the air. I grabbed the 5 decks closest at hand (you know you have a problem when having 5 decks close at hand is normal!) and used their inherent themes – as I see them – to define the reading.

2013 themes

Internal development (Mary-El Tarot): 4 of Disks

Usually the 4 of Disks/Pentacles is a real stick-in-the-mud, closed-off card, but this one holds the promise of a continuing journey through scenic places, always following a guiding star. Stability, and power in that stability. I’m getting “sure-footedness”; aah, thank you. Balance in the physical/mundane realm.

[Personal Relationship} (Wildwood Tarot): 10 of Vessels (Happiness)

Oh, just… oh.

My creative pursuits (Light Grey Art Lab Tarot)9 of Swords

Oh, so it’s that time of the night, when decks start to troll.
When I was shuffling this deck I was sure some of the cards had become reversed. I reminded the deck that I don’t read reversals, unless they’re negative cards like the 9 of swords *hurr hurr*


The elements on the swords-shelves remind me of the multiple areas that interest me, creatively. I find it impossible to focus on just one two three in order to actually make something of it. I think this card offers me a choice: continue to let this cause me endless misery and distress, or break the cycle.

My tarot pursuits (8-Bit Tarot – so META!): 9 of Swords

Ohyoucankindlygofuckyourself. *siiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Really? I’ve had a tarot lull for a few months, partly because I’ve been involved in other areas of “metaphysical interest” and partly because there’s something going on with my *sight*. Shenanigans (though I am assured things will work out for the better). Maybe this card simply depicts the continued “blindness” OR imagined/self-created – as is usually the case with the 9S – blindness?

Year in general (Sirian Starseed Tarot): 10 of Orbs (Swords)

Grrrreat. Another card that is generally a “downer”, but it promises an end (and beginning naturally follows). Interesting how the 10 follows the double 9s; reinforces the idea of an ending to turmoil and heaviness of the mental variety. It looks like the figure on this card is about to receive a lovely, effervescent massage – I’LL TAKE IT!

Year card (2+0+1+3+birthdate) : 17 The Star (echoing the guiding star in the 4 of Disks)

Underlying energy (cross-sum of 17) : 6 The Lovers (which is really interesting, as it is also the Quint of the reading above – 4+10+9+9+10 = 42 = 6. And LOOOOOoooL if you think I didn’t see the “42” in there, cards.)



4 thoughts on “Themes for 2013

  1. hersixthcircle says:

    Seriously 9 of Swords TWICE in a ROW? Tarot, you be trollin! Ha, glad it actually means something to you, though.

    The 30 day tarot challenge looks fun, and I think I might join in on it as well. We’ll see if I can keep up with it. :P I’ve known for days that I wanted to do a reading for the new year, and haven’t even gotten around to it yet. Blargh.

    Anyway. Cheers to you. ;D


    • submerina says:

      I like letting different decks play together occasionally to get their different view-points on a situation. Someone else who did their own version of this reading got 2 Towers :O I’ll take the Swords, thanks!


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