New Moon Reading: December 2012

I’ve found it helpful to do my New Moon readings around a theme, rather than just pulling cards and guessing what they refer to. The theme of this spread is what I can expect in the area of personal spiritual development for the month ahead, especially in light of recent internal goings-on.


But. I did get what I asked for: the Courts are certainly the most approriate method of illustrating stages of personal development, even if they are not the easiest to understand. Oh well, just another in a long line of readings where I get the distinct impression I’m being ever-so-gently trolled.

I mean, really:

Mary El Tarot by Marie White; Schiffer Books, 2012

Mary El Tarot by Marie White; Schiffer Books, 2012

[1] Where I am now (December 13) – Knight of Swords
[2] Week leading up to First Quarter (December 19) – Queen of Cups
[3] Week leading up to Full Moon (December 28) – Page of Cups (“Wolf Moon” +/ Dec 30)
[4] Week leading up to Last Quarter (January 4) – Page of Disks
[5] Week leading up to New Moon (January 11) – King of Wands



Nope. I am not touching this one. I think I’ll wait and do a post-phase, weekly retrospective interpretation instead.

HA. Poop on you.


8 thoughts on “New Moon Reading: December 2012

    • submerina says:

      :) Though I have to say, the Knight of Swords is a pretty accurate representation of the “power” feelings I’ve been having, as is the description of the card. Overall, it’s a good summary of the lunar pattern that’s been established for me so far: first week is in-touch like the Queen, then 2 weeks of R&R while things simmer, then BAM! KING TIME. This only really becomes apparent whne I step back.


    • submerina says:

      Ohhhh and that’s just a small taste of the WTFuckery that I’ve been getting in readings lately. Try 12-card ALL MAJORS. Try cutting the deck randomly again and again and again and getting ALL MAJORS. Oh ja, I’m being a) pranked or b) messaged, HARD.

      Enjoying the deck, despite my disappointment in the colour reproduction. That’s really my only issue with it and I’ve still got my fingers crossed that the second edition – whenever that may be – will be better.


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