New Moon Reading: November 2012

Time for another New Moon Reading! I did this one on Tuesday; just took a couple of days to type it up and get a (semi-) decent picture. My scanner has gone to the great junkyard in the sky, so I’m having to rely on the combination of shittastic inadequate lighting in my home and an iPhone camera.

Decided to take the Sirian Starseed for another test drive – it’s performing rather well! – but had trouble deciding on a theme for the reading. The first three spreads were garbled – a sure sign that I was asking the wrong question. Settled on asking about my intuition and how my development in that area would progress over the month.


Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha; North Atlantic Books, 2012

[1] Where I am now (November 13) – VII The Chariot
Are you poking me ever-so-gently, Starseed? I’ve been having a discussion with a friend about the issues of “Will” and how I really don’t feel it. That’s the Chariot right there: focussed intent ie. Will. Anyway, we’ve settled on “Desire” as being much more understandable and accessible, so maybe now that I’ve got my terminology sorted out, I can gee-up those horsies and get moving!

How does this address my intuition? Maybe knowing is half the battle? Can’t help but think that a chariot is usually a vehicle of war and wars are run by people in charge; the charioteer doesn’t necessarily operate under their own directive. Who or what is manouevering in the background?


[2] Week leading up to First Quarter (November 20) – XII The Hanging Man
Suspended activity; preparation. I’m thinking, “Don’t pick at it. Now is not the time; you will make the wrong decisions if you do.” The HM urges a different perspective, which means looking at something a different way – a literal reference to sight. The pendulum makes me think of divination which is funny, because I am writing this interpretation literally after just asking for a reading on my intuition questions from someone else! I can only think that this is the different perspective I need to consider.


[3] Week leading up to Full Moon (November 28) – XV The Shadow
HA HA, “Desire”! Oh, and being trapped in the dark, usually by a web of your own creation. This is a deceptive card – it takes a moment to notice that the cut-out shape is actually the Sphinx, in front of which stand a man and woman, their shadows projected onto the Sphinx in the background. Aah, “projected”; this could definitely be a card of projection. I also notice that the heart of the web lies centred over where the Sphinx’s heart would be, reinforcing the idea of being “trapped by desire”. It could also show a “bound heart”, one that is being prevented from expressing itself.

Intuition/Inner Vision: could have to deal with shadow work or possibly “untying” something. Facing desires? “If you truly desire it, you will free yourself.”


[4] Week leading up to Last Quarter (December 6) – 4 of Orbs
I’ve been seeing a trend in these readings since I began doing them: this card always seems to address the last week of my cycle. I always get a watery card in this position, either an actual Water card, or a card with water on it. The 4 of Orbs again has water on it, but also shows that this week is indeed a week of rest for my inner eye. I go pretty blank this week, much like the black silhouette on the beach. Seeing as I do a lot of my inner work in an ocean setting – at the water’s edge – this card very accurately depicts – and predicts – what I expect from this week.


[5] Week leading up to New Moon (December 13) – Adept of Chalices
And then after a week of sitting at the water’s edge, I am fully immersed again, surfing the waves, completely in my element. Be careful not to get carried away with the – sometimes reckless – energy of the Adept (/Knight); there is always the possibility of getting in over your head and having the waves comes crashing down on top of you. Based on how this card makes me feel though, I think it has more to do with feeling at ease and capable again.


Notes: It is worth noting that the 4 of Orbs card shows someone meditating and mirrors the Hanging Man on the opposite end of the month. The Adept – Knight – who closes the reading mirrors the charioteer who opens it. The Chariot seems like an anchor card to this reading, holding it all together and at the same time, driving it all forward. There is a LOT of water here – grounded by the earth of The Shadow at the bottom of the spread – which I take as confirmation that this reading does address the question of intuition (unconscious knowing).

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