Season of the Witch Reading

My ancestors in spirit, the Sanderson Sisters [Hocus Pocus, 1993. But you knew that.]

Full Moon tonight… Halloween fast approaching… and a brand new review deck arrived – Oh happy confluence of events! Back it up – review deck?? I’m as shocked as you – especially with the way I feel I have neglected the tarot aspect of this blog recently – but the nice people at North Atlantic Books saw fit to send me a copy of the Sirian Starseed Tarot to test drive. It’s a very different deck to what I would normally use, so I jumped at the chance to expand my reading style (and my collection). A full review of the deck will follow, but for tonight, there’s reading to be done!

I found this spread by Shade at the AT forum and, with a little modification, got a damn good reading. I made no use of the LWB, relying on the cards to tell the story. The spread is read from the bottom up, with cards 2-7 forming a witch’s hat.

Sirian Starseed tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha; North Atlantic Books, 2012 [please excuse the less-than-desirable lighting]

[* Orbs are Swords, Crystals are Pents.]

[1] The Witch Herself [Significator] – the special powers the querent has and their ability to transform energy
9 of Orbs
Not exactly what I would consider a special ability or magical power – unless it’s the ability to transform everything into negativity and nightmares! – so. Perhaps it is the ability to overcome my fears and nightmares, to face myself and all my ugliness (perceived and otherwise) and rise up out of the mud, into the forest clearing above.

[2] The Cauldron – something percolating in your life; the matter of the reading
8 of Crystals
First impressions: laying the path; lighting the path. The door of the tower seems to be visible through the crystal being held, drawing attention to it. A door! A threshold. The liminal. Traditionally, the 8 of Pents is about doing the work – perfecting your technique, taking pride in getting your hands dirty in the pursuit of your Craft – to get to where you want to be. This certainly ties in to what is most on my mind at the moment, so it’s good to see that the reading will be addressing this.

[3] The Book – the plan; formula [components] of where things are currently headed
8 of Flames
I like getting 8s; they’re a very determined, forward-moving symbol. Whenever I see 8s in a reading, it tells me that a decision has been made. The trail of the flames shows that the circle is in – clockwise – motion. I think too that the flames feed each other, each one grabbing onto the energy of the flame that preceded it. I can practically hear the high-pitched, whining sound of the power building at the centre of the spinning torches. There is forward momentum then, which is good.

[4] The Toad – a Prince [something or someone “ugly”] that needs to be transformed
6 of Orbs
This is a fascinating card! There is a dolphin in the water, its dorsal fin breaking the surface of the waves; the 6 orbs focussed around the fin mimic the shape of the sigil projected on the level water ahead, towards which the dolphin is swimming. This card makes me think of the subconscious, of something powering its way through the rough water towards a calmer place. Does this tie in with the 9 of Orbs that opens the reading? I think so. Another thing: dolphins are liminal creatures. Though they don’t move across the realms, they are air-breathers who live primarily underwater.

It’s funny, I decided not to make this card about him, though the “transformed” aspect of this position seemed really appropriate. And yet, this has been his card in a few of my recent readings.

[5] The Black Cat [Familiar] – forces that are here to assist you
7 of Flames

[6] The Skull – message from the ancestors
6 of Flames
This reinforces the 7 before it; the triad of Flames at the centre of this spread is extremely interesting too. I think the message is a pretty clear one that there is a light to guide me or… perhaps, that I should reach out and grab the torch being offered to me; to bear it; carry on whatever it is that has been set in motion (or was set in motion a long time ago). The five flames that surround the central flame seem to be supporting it, forming a cradle. I also see that they are “dark” flames, providing no illumination to the space around them – a good analogy for ancestral energy. They burn, but not _here_.

[7] The Broom – what you need to clean up to take your plans further
3 of Crystals
Ha! The 3 and 8 of Pents are closely related to each other in the RWS deck. “Clean up” – LOL! And – AND – it’s a _business_ – “Clean up your business”! Before bed last night I asked what I should do, and the dream I received was literally to clean my room (see above, 7 of Flames), the place where I work. I think the name of the shop – Trinity – has meaning too; my family is a trinity: me, the Mr and Captain Hateface Fuzzybutt. My home.

The Spell [Quint] – Homework; the spell cast by the reading is the way you can improve your life through action
11 Divine Justice
Bring things back into balance, with a certain detached ruthlessness. Is that too harsh? Impartiality, then. Truth, but then I’m always after that. Taking responsibility for my truth? That feels right.


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